What To Do When The Whole World Seems Like a Circus?


Maybe it’s just me having a bout of the blahs, but I am truly beside myself at the state of the world.

There’s the Political Circus between Trump and Hillary.

There’s the Financial Circus with so much uncertainty in the markets globally. Unemployment. Brexit. Regulations strangling businesses.

There’s the Legal Circus as thirty year police veteran Ceasar Goodson with a spotless career is being railroaded in Baltimore by Marilyn Mosby over the Freddie Gray case.

> There’s the Gun Circus with senators filibustering, Obama posturing, and gun rights activists pushing back.

> There’s the Media Circus with every mainstream TV news show and mainstream newspaper getting on board with the Bash Trump memo. When the DNC makes no bones about preparing reporters to carry the Hillary Clinton message, then what hope is there for real journalism?


> There’s the PC Circus that corrupted the Homeland Security to the degree that agencies are not allowed to use certain trigger words when interviewing a Muslim. Yeh, like that’s a way to catch the terrorists.

Then there’s the Sad Circus, the family vacationing in Florida who loses their son to an alligator while the dopey reporters ask why Disney doesn’t have more signs.

I look at the world and wonder what is to become of the future for my children and grandchildren? And we, the EOS family, have it better than the vast majority of people. We’re healthy, we’re comfortable, the kids are in a good place, we have a roof over our heads, we can eat – we really don’t have many worries, so why is it that I am feeling so worried??? Am I alone in this?

I hate to be such a Debbie Downer on a rainy Thursday so somebody tell me a good joke, fast.

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  1. I’m feeling the same so you are not alone. My son and I chatted on the phone last night and he’s seeing it with his age friends too. There’s a lot of worry floating around. Of all the circus pinpoints, I am the most worried about the media circus, trained seals to applaud for Hillary without even a pause. Bernie is right to say the fix was in. I saw that document you posted a photo of and it was from may of 2015 when the DNC told everyone it’s Hillary. She’s the queen. No other candidate had a chance.

    I am less worried about the financial circus for myself as I am for my children and grandchildren. Agree it’s regulations that hold back mom and pop businesses and penalize American companies. Walmart is laying off employees and if they are feeling the pinch, then so goes the rest of corporate America. It’s a tough time for America and for those of us who are not fans of Obama, he in my mind is responsible for so much of the bad mood – the racial tensions, the PC world, the regulations – he’s the head clown.

    I’m awful at jokes or else I’d tell you one. Cheer up – it’ll get better, I hope!

    1. With this face at the head of the Fed, it’s no wonder we have financial uncertainly.

      Here she’s telling you to sit down and be quiet, that she has a handle on inflation and the dollar.

  2. No, you’re not alone in your feelings. Life just seems to be surreal & chaotic & totally out of whack. It’s what a friend refers to as one big elephant f–k. There’s too much uncertainity & assholery for me not to worry and it’s all around. I see so many people struggling & working extra hard to get by with no relief in sight. Our choices for the next President are just awful and that alone is cause for concern. Sometimes I just want to cash out the investments, bury the cash in the back yard & stay in the house. Maybe I should go out & find myself a pair of rose colored glasses & see of that will help.

  3. We are feeling a similar doom and gloom mood here. When I found myself yelling at the television during a Hillary interview, I knew it was time to turn off the tv. I got to the stage of anger listening to Obama that was unhealthy. I’ve sworn off tv for a while until I can find my mojo.
    The wife and I are okay financially but our children are in flux. One lost her job. Another is unhappy in his career choice and wants to get his. MBA. The third recently quit her job to stay home with her child because it was costing her more for childcare than she was earning! I don’t know about you EOS but we are only as happy as the unhappiest child.

    The Baltimore police officer will be acquitted. The only justice will be if Mosby is indicted.

    1. Peter: I’ve deduced your problem. You thought Hillary was giving an interview on TV! No no no. That’s a scripted back and forth. 🙂

  4. Your question brought to mind “the media IS the message” view about disbursing information.
    A quick wiki view. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_medium_is_the_message
    We are certainly on media overload.
    One hour of newspaper reading might give us 4-10 general items to spark a brain into thought.
    One hour of web surfing gives zillions of ideas competing for our personal attention…your preferences are known, you have no secrets from the web. Pick me! Click $$$ me!

  5. Heck folks, forget your worries. Golf is on. The US Open. There was a rain delay early but it’s back live now. Now that’s the kind of television for me.

  6. I know why I am worried. It’s because Michelle has no worries at all. She’s busy packing for “conferences” in Liberia, Morocco, and Spain. Her daughters are going along too because they can. The original Nero. While Rome burns, she fiddles.

    1. She’s a pip. She’s speaking about women advancing or some crap like that, overseas. Let’s see her make that speech in Chicago or West Virginia.

    1. IF I have an opossum?? C’mon. This is Bedford. I have two. Bitsy and Chip. We’re especially pleased to learn from Miss Pearl (and I’m sure she’s a Miss) how to clip their nails. Are you telling me you don’t have an opossum ?

        1. I just broke out in a cold sweat. Yodeling is a trigger word. Having lived high in the Swiss Alps for three years, I heard my fair share and more of yodeling. The best time was during the annual spring parade of the cows to the field. The cows were all in flowers and belled. Residents in their Vaudois outfits. It was wonderful to watch. Our chalet overlooked a huge field where the cows grazed all day and I often wondered if some of them died young from the mental torture of having such a huge loud bell around their neck day and night.
          More often though, we saw this kind of yodeling from local yokels. Not as good as your pickle I might add.

        2. If I may offer a correction to your comment EOS- the traditional Swiss parade of the cows is in the fall, bringing them out of the pastures, not into.

        3. Chris, just the words yodeling pickle made me Laugh Out Loud. Now that’s funny!! Thanks.

        4. As a golfer SB, you must be tuned into Fox Sports today. They’ve resumed play now. Are you rooting for anyone particular? Spieth could use a big win after his epic collapse in the Masters.

        1. My brain is having trouble computing seeing an Asian in lederhosen singing in Swiss German, and yodeling. Is that even legal in Switzerland?

        2. I was waiting for the end of the video to tell me the video was brought to you about SNL. That it actually happened, hysterical. I laughed harder that the PBA gives out a green jacket.
          Bring back duckpin bowling. Please.

  7. No blahs for us today because we were Two for two house closings. Yesterday Bedford house sold. Today Riverside house bought. Smooth sailing. All parties in attendance. Checks ready. Movers coming tomorrow.

    I have to think of a new blog name for myself. I never liked Bedford Mom so I won’t pick Riverside Mom. Still thinking.

  8. The Freddie Gray trial is a joke and you are correct that the trial SHOULD be of Miss Mosby who did everything in her power to bring charges up against men for crimes they did not commit. Follow Legal Insurrection for some good coverage of the case. Apparently now the prosection is changing its tune to cause of death by rough ride even though there’s a witness who was in the paddy wagon on the same ride and testified the ride was smooth.


    1. LI is a great blog. Thanks for that link. By all accounts I’ve read (and it’s not much) the officer will easily be acquitted. And then I hope he sues Mosby for mental damages.

      1. I think there was little doubt Freddie Gray banged himself up not expecting to die. The State just wanted a policeman to take the fall. Thankfully so far the judge and jury has seen the light and acquitted every one in the trial. It’s obscene the charges piled on against these officers.

  9. The golf was again rained out when I looked. I did hear Jeff Hall USGA Managing Director of Rules say they hoped to get it all in. With sunset at 8:52 and twilight until 9:10 he felt they could catch up the play by Sat. ( I was surprised he was counting twilight as playable time) That’s wishful thinking. They have 132 or more superintendents from all across american there to help prep the course. Then on TV they showed 14 guys all working on drying out one sand trap. He said they can work overnight if they need to. That was impressive. I’ll see how the play shapes up before I decide who to root for.

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