From the Are you Shi**ing me department 

UPDATE: Scroll to bottom

I drove way the hell over to Yorktown (35 minutes+) to return an unused Cablevision box only to find THIS!!!!!

Not too optimal there Optimum!

Nice waste of gasoline to return one box from upstairs that we don’t use. Sheesh.

I’ll tell you what I’m NOT doing – driving to Peekskill or Yonkers. I’m laughing at the thought of traversing the TZ Bridge to drop off the box in Nyack!

Funnily, in the few minutes sitting in my car creating this post, two other guys came to return something and also took a photo of the sign!!

I’m not happy. At all.


Had I been smart(er), I would have called Cablevision before going to Yorktown because lo and behold they supply Postage Paid labels to return any and all equipment. It doesn’t negate how few people seem to know that the Yorktown store is closed but at least now all I need to box it up and take it to 10506. I’ll have a V8 now too.



5 thoughts on “From the Are you Shi**ing me department 

  1. When you do manage to return the unused cable box be sure to get the receipt and triple check it.
    I have Comcast and last year it closed the very convenient store in the next town. I found out the same way you did- by going there only to find a ‘closed’ sign.

    1. TWO more people came to return things before I left the parking lot, everyone unaware the store has been closed since January. I’m sure somewhere in a bill there was a notice but you figure 50% of people get their bill online without the inserts.
      I ran into a Cablevision service man at the grocery store and asked him if I could hand off the box to him. Each box is scannable with its ID# so I figured he might be able to do that. Hah. No. I’ll call Cablevision and ask for a prepaid box to return the thing to Long Island!

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