Said The Yapper-In-Chief

A couple of people caught the hilarious CNN chyron this afternoon while Obama went on his anti-not mentioning-Trump-by-name Trump bashing.


One person declared I’m glad I lived long enough to see this headline. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Obama yaps more than any president I can remember – about nothing, just to hear himself speak. Look at that expression on his face. He’s angry – not at Trump – he’s angry that he may see his presidency get erased from the record books.

Obama’s comment was part and parcel of his millionth why I refuse to say radical Islam speech and went on and on to say how unAmerican trump is. Within minutes of Obama’s speech, the brilliant Harry Reid parroted identical words. Wow, when Obama sends out a memo, his minions jump. They just ask how high!

Hillary too jumped on the Trump is unAmerican speech and what I find so interesting is that Hillary has YET to tell us HOW she will make us safer against attacks. She says she will, duh, but how? Not by telling Americans the religion of Islam is peaceful. We know that wasn’t the case in the Orlando shooter. Will Hillary bake and deliver cookies to the Muslims in her neighborhood to mend fences? What exactly does she propose?

So far from the WSJ article on Obama taking down Trump, the reviews of Obama aren’t great, and this is just within less than an hour of the article being posted. Love it love it love it.


20 thoughts on “Said The Yapper-In-Chief

    1. Only once in a while at 4pm for Jake Tapper but even he lately has been insufferable. Wolf makes me want to pull all my hair out. Chris Cuomo in the morning is incredibly stupid, just plain stupid. Who am I forgetting? Heck, it’s not important, CNN is basically forgettable.

  1. Ugh, I can’t stand to watch him, or Hilary, or Donald, for that matter. Have you looked at Gary Johnson? I keep wishing a third, independent candidate would show up. But, then, I also remember throwing away (essentially) my vote on Ross Perot–in my defense, it was my first time voting as a real adult, my kid. It’s a terrible situation right now, I feel like we are damned either way.

    1. You are right- all three are a mess to watch. Gary Johnson is a rambling, non-sequitur mess too (IMHO) but he certainly has his followers – those who can’t stand Hillary or Donald I guess. I don’t think too many Bernie supporters would like Gary.
      As for your Perot vote, you made a choice and you voted! That’s so important right there.

  2. “My kid” should have read “not a college kid”. Someday I will experience an uninterrupted moment!🎓

  3. this:

  4. Our President is not used to be challenged much less being called incompetent! Both parties and the press have him believing he is God’s gift to the World.

    1. Exactly. He was so angry, you could see the veins in his forehead. Jake Tapper said that when Obama watched Trump’s speech in New Hampshire, it was then and there he decided to speak today. I think he should have had a V8!

      Mike Rogers, former US Rep from Michigan and now a CNN National Security Commentator was NOT amused by Obama’s choice to speak out against Trump, seeing it as juvenile. Rogers gave equal time to saying Trump’s speak was inflammatory.

  5. He really, really, really hates having his religion (one of the world’s great religions) called into question by infidels who are guilty of blasphemy for even broaching the subject (the day will come when such treachery receives its wrathful due).

      1. I think America’s mother-in-law is just as bad. By the way:

        If the FBI is investigating you (this long, this hard), you shouldn’t be running for president.

        1. Oh, and PS, I nearly choked on a pomegranate today when she talked about how as president she would assure no Russian hackers would get into our email. Ha ha ha.Ha ha.

  6. What I like about Trump over Hillary is his non intervention stance on issues in the middle east. He, unlike other leaders in his own party or in the Democrat party understands that military intervention in the middle east only leads to more war and suffering. Just look at his comments on the Iraq war or the Libyan Civil War. Hillary will keep on funneling billions of dollars into failed states like Iraq or doomed military campaigns like the one in Afghanistan. Trump wants to rip the band aid off fast and get America out of conflicts but Hillary will just slowly peel it off and cost the Americans thousands more in pointless casualties.

    1. So you post twice, once as MaryMary (obviously quite contrary) and three minutes later with the same IP address as Louise so really the same person. I only look stupid sweetie. Here’s my response to your comment about criticizing Obama and all the Dems who blame guns and not the fact that the shooter is a radical islam…think this out, if you can

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