UPDATE THIS MORNING: I’m thinking the doe was protecting her then injured (and now presumed dead) fawn. I see three turkey vultures in the road and while I have not ventured down for a close up look, I have to figure they are there for carrion – the fawn. The fawn was very young when I saw it last week, newborn, so it’s no surprise she was a target for whatever got to it. Circle of life and Nature. But still….

While outside dining tonight we heard a very loud rustle, then a sound that I was sure was a peacock or some kind of bird mating call. It was loud and constant though, as if it was a distress call. I looked down below at the pasture and saw a deer, a young one, alone, stomping her foot and calling out. It’s been more than a half hour now, closer to 40 minutes, and she’s still out there making noise. Is she hurt? Is she afraid? Is she calling out for other family?

A screen capture from the video I took

5 thoughts on “Oh Deer! UPDATE

    1. I did see a mom and baby last week but on the complete opposite end of my property. Baby was teeny squeeny. With coyote here in abundance, it wouldn’t surprise me if fawn was killed. That’s the first time I’ve seen a doe do that. Mom looked skinny to me which is why I thought she was in distress. Thanks.

  1. Yes to the conclusion by Christopher. I’ve seen this happen in the spring when there are more fawns and more hungry predators. What do you think the first loud rustle was? Did an predator take the fawn right there?

  2. I disagree. Looked to me like mom was protecting fawn from what she perceived as a danger. Were you close enough to cause her to be afraid of you?

    1. I came after the fact. We heard the rustle, and it was really more than a rustle, it was like there was a fight in the brush, then I heard the noise. I didn’t know it was a deer until I came in and got the camera (blogger first!) then started down the property to find the noise. She was snorting before she saw me.

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