Crumble, Crisp, Pie, Muffins? All of the Above?

What’s a gal supposed to do with ALL these blueberries????

I could make yogurt of course, or smoothies, or even frozen pops, but what fun would THAT be?

If muffins, they must have a crumble topping.

Crisp is my favorite way to have blueberries, but I really don’t like putting oatmeal in the crisp topping mixture – it always seems to make the topping dry. But hey, I only LOOK stupid. Best way I know to cure dry crisp topping, ice cream. See.

Photo courtesy of Savory Sweet Life
Crumble? I think Crisp and Crumble are one in the same but I know people who make Crumble bars, oatmeal based. I say that’s a great way to ruin good blueberries. But if you force me to make them, this recipe by Smitten Kitchen, well, okay, I can and will eat them.


Then there’s the king of kings for blueberries, the almighty pie. Now, according to Mr. EOS, his younger sister makes the BEST BEST blueberry pie so I don’t even bother to compete because I’m told over and over (who me, a complex?) there is no pie crust and filling ingredients that can compare to hers.

Any pie, but especially a blueberry pie, is really all about the crust – must be flaky and light. For my blueberry pie, I insist on a lattice top – a full crust top gets soggy way too fast then just sits there. My mom makes her crust with Crisco and ice water. The husband of my niece wins local church fair blue ribbons every year for his peach pie – his crust uses BOTH Crisco and butter. Alas, he said he’d have to kill me if he gave me the exact recipe for his crust.

This will do:

So here’s your Monday Morning Mission, should you choose to accept it. Tell me what I should make (can be more than one thing and can be your blueberry recipe suggestions too). I’ll make something today and keep you in the loop as I do. Alas, the only way you can share in its (hopefully fine) taste is virtually, unless between now and this afternoon someone can invent a way of me sending you an actual taste. chris?

Fork it over baby! 

12 thoughts on “Crumble, Crisp, Pie, Muffins? All of the Above?

  1. I accept the mission and vote All of the above. With so many blueberries, make muffins and bars, then freeze them. The pie you’ll have to eat now.

    1. What I might do is freeze one entire container of berries by laying them flat on a tray until they are frozen then bag them for another time. I only bought two quart containers because they were BOGO. Hard to pass up.

  2. Muffins but make the crumble more crumbly than the photo you posted.

    My grandmother’s blueberry pie recipe doesn’t have a top crust at all. Leaves more room for vanilla ice cream. 🙂

    1. That’s really wrong in my book. God intended cheesecake to be creamy white with a graham cracker crust. No glop on top. And heavens, no glop mixed in. Ever.

      1. Don’t hold back, tell me how you really feel.

        Blueberry Schnapps Is Easy and cheaper than group therapy:
        1. Rinse the blueberries carefully.
        2, Leave them to dry in the shadow – on paper towel.
        3. If the berries are frozen – defrost them in the vodka.
        4. Use a clean glass jar with tight-fitting lid.
        5. Fill 1/2 – 2/3 of the jar with blueberries.
        6. Fill up with clear, unflavoured vodka – 40% alcohol content (80 proof).

        1. Hater hated the product, not the messenger. 🙂

          Not even a fan of the Blueberry schnapps. I’m ornery today I guess. I come at Blueberries like Sal did – kuplink kuplink kuplink. With our own blueberry bushes in RI, we more often than not pick them and eat them. Then pie. And muffins. Drinks, not so much.

  3. When I’m not eating them by the fistful right out of the box, I make a delicious blueberry sauce that I then put on everything from oatmeal to yogurt to pound cake to ice cream. I suppose it would freeze but it never lasts that long. I’ve slightly modified Mark Bitten’s recipe in How to Cook Everything. Excellent and 10 minute investment.

    1. I don’t have the patience to make jam or preserves. Most of my local farmers markets/stands sell it over the summer.

      Good luck this week Mom. I know it’s closing times two for you.

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