Alas, It’s but A Wisp of a Crisp, said Donald*

I went for a combo of recipes to make a blueberry crisp but just pulling it out of the oven now, I’d say it more like blueberry soup. No soup for you! Hardly enough crisp.


The blueberries went into the dish then over it poured a mixture of cornstarch, sugar water, salt and vanilla. I think I used too much glop and that’s why this is soupy.




The usual stuff for the crisp, minus oats and finding my brown sugar more like brown cement, even though I use a special container with a clay tile in the center. Whole lot of no good that did me.

So I’m waiting by the dock of the bay for the Robert E. Lee, waiting for Godot, and at this point looking at the mess, I might be Waiting for Wednesday for the crisp to gel.

*Not Mr. Trump. You gotta be an old movie buff to get this headline!

UPDATE: the blueberry glop jelled but there’s so little crisp it’s pretty much a soggy mess. How do I know you ask? This little piggy ate too much in the test and is now going wheeeee wheeee all the way home. I actually have a sugar rush!

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8 thoughts on “Alas, It’s but A Wisp of a Crisp, said Donald*

    1. True enough. What a great name for an actor. Oddly he changed his first name. He was born George William Crisp.
      TCM played the Charge of the Light Brigade this weekend in which he starred. He was great as the dad in National Velvet. The list is endless.

  1. Next time, skip the water. I’d use tapioca instead of cornstarch to thicken. I’ve never made blueberry crisp or cobbler, though. I’ve made a pie or two in my day but I use the small, wild Maine blueberries. Frozen ones work well, too. Pie crust is a combo of butter and crisco unless Mr Pillsbury has stopped by with a refrigerated crust.
    My easy ways of using fresh blueberries is to serve them with a slice of lemon pound cake with whipped cream or with a slice of key lime pie.
    Local strawberries are in at the farmers’ markets. Seems a bit on the early side although the ones I bought the other day were quite good.

    1. I prefer tapioca too but I didn’t have any. The addition of the water seemed counterintuitive to me as well but the recipe sight I used made the crisp look yummy.
      What I made is pretty inedible in my book. An experiment bound for the trash tonight, after maybe one more taste test!!! This recipe ruined the pure blueberry so I’ll keep the second container for nibbling and yogurt. Lesson learned.

  2. After many a gloppy berry or peach cobbler, I realized the culprit was too much fruit juice being released in the cooking process. What I do now is “stew” the fruit and sugar until it’s done, then add the thickening agent (whatever it may be) and other flavors, cook a little longer, then drain off the excess liquid and save it as a syrup to pour on the finished product. When the fruit stew is room temp, I put the cobbler topping on and put the mess in the oven until the topping is done (and the insides nice and hot).

    Does this earn me a stay in RI with an ocean view and line-dried sheets? 😀

  3. Make a streusel topping with butter, flour, brown sugar, cinnamon. Spread it on top and run under the broiler. Bibi

    1. Thanks Bibi I’m done making crisps or crumbles. I threw away the entire hot gooey mess from yesterday and am going to stick to eating the blueberries by the handful or putting it in yogurt.

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