It must have been the bourbon in the Belmont breeze

My dream sequence last night was so strange, so downright peculiar, I was thrilled to wake up. 

Mr. EOS and I were in Iowa and I told him I needed to get my hair streaked. The hairdresser I went to left me with huge spiky white streaks, my hair was all frizzy, and what wasn’t pure white was jet black. 

[oops I hit publish here by mistake before I was done the whole story.]

Back to the dream, when I left the hair salon, I couldn’t hear or understand any humans, only the animals on the street and in the trees and they were all pointing and laughing at me. 

I got back to the house we were staying in in Iowa (not my Iowa friends) and there were three dogs there, all with the same black and white hair. They scolded me for trying to look like them when I was obviously a human. Mr. EOS was hand gesturing to me to leave but I was unable to understand him. 

Then I woke up. Geez. My hair is okay. I can hear and speak to humans. Dawg is her same old color. Coffee is in the cup. Eggs in the pan. And ciabatta bread in the toaster. All is right again. 

Phew. Speaking of the Belmont, it was a boring race, unless you had money on the winner. Bobby Flay is surely happy today. I wonder what it cost him to buy into Creator and what he got out of his investment yesterday. Surely more than my $1.00 bet and loss on Sudden Breaking News. 

Happy Sunday. 

11 thoughts on “It must have been the bourbon in the Belmont breeze

  1. My dreams are often this peculiar which on days makes me wonder about my sanity. I hear it’s a good thing to remember a dream sequence, even when it’s strange or scary.

    I didn’t even watch the Belmont because I don’t like that it takes two hours of television yada yada to show a two minute race.

  2. O/T- are you watching the news about the Orlando shooting. Seems they think it’s an act of terrorism but why target a gay bar?

    1. Peter!!! Really? I don’t mean to sound harsh, but radical Islam and gays are not compatible. Sad to say, it seems a logical target if you are a believer of the tenets of Islam.

    2. Did you watch the press conference on now? Who the heck called the imam to speak? He told the public we have to address the reason for these mass shootings. My blood is boiling.

      1. I DID see the imam and wondering who called him and how he got prepared statements so quickly. He said the perpetrator has no known affiliation with terrorist groups. How would this imam know that? The media is walking back the act of terrorism determination the police made earlier. CNN is already out there with gun control advocates. The term Lone Wolf has been used a dozen times. It’s an easier agenda for the Dems if this is made to be a hate crime against gays. They do not want to address any radical Islam issue.

  3. In 3-2-1, the #PrayforOrlando hashtag and celeb tweets have begun.

    Obama is scheduled to fly to Florida tonight for a fundraiser. Will he or won’t he? Should he fly to Orlando to meet with the injured and thank the police? Ha ha ha. He’ll raise money. What’s his tee time today?

      1. Pulse is the name of the club where it happened. But you can be sure that there will be all sorts of efforts to make political hay out of the tragedy from both sides. The club shooting eclipses the lone gunman shooting of the The Voice singer which would have been a goldmine for the anti-gun forces while this mass shooting will tend to support the “why are we bringing in 100 unvetted Muslim refugees a day” crowd.

        We’ll have to wait and see how it plays out, and play out it will. But you can be almost certain there will be a hard drive against the Bill of Rights and absurdities such as this wouldn’t have happened if the shooters, who will be portrayed as victims, had been offered safe zones. But you’re right, all the usual suspect celebrities will jump in, and most likely to support Muslims and soft target, gun-free zones, or killing fields.

        1. I just listened to the president who said there was no known reason for the shooting shortly after all the networks announced shooter called 911 during the massacre declaring his allegiance to Isis. Obama seems to want to put this on the shoulder of gun access. Calling Katie Couric, come in please.

          AJ, thanks for popping in over here! I appreciate your additions.

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