It’s No Wonder I can’t find a white bread I like

That’s because I was weaned on the best…Wonder Bread. Light, fluffy, perfect for toasting, and the BEST BEST BEST for the quintessential 1950s sandwich – a mound of bologna and mayo! Mmmm. About the only thing Wonder Bread wasn’t good for was a PB&J because the bread was too light to withstand the schmear of PB.


Fast forward fifty years to the two people left on the face of the earth who still like and eat white bread. Moi and Mr. EOS.

Mr. EOS likes toast in the morning with his side of toast. 🙂 I like a slice of toast with my egg – to dunk into the yolk is the best! Mr. EOS doesn’t do eggs unless it’s inside a cake mix!

But trying to find a white bread that has some taste, has some heft without being a brick…. No easy task.

Mr. EOS chooses Arnold Country White. I say blech to it. To my tastebuds, it is bitter and too dense.


I aim for a artisanal loaf – like a ciabatta or an Italian bread but it has its limitations too. This ciabatta has so many holes in each slice, it’s like paying for a whole loaf and getting half.


Then there’s the problem of a bakery loaf of bread being too big – I don’t eat that much bread so more often than not, any loaf I buy goes moldy way before I’m halfway through.

I sometimes buy rye bread – my go to for a ham sandwich, but it too is hard to find a good loaf of it at the supermarket, even the ones that say they are made fresh by the store bakery. I think not.

Back in my youth, I remember my grandfather would walk up the street to an Italian bakery for two huge loaves of fresh bread EVERY DAY – the kind with seeds on it. But grandpa ate bread as if it was going out of style – he’d grab a hunk and dunk it in whatever my grandmother made – in his coffee, in the salad at lunch with olive oil, in the spaghetti sauce for dinner. I can’t think of a time he had it as toast.

I think my dad liked Pepperidge Farm Toasting White but I can’t find that it was actually made back in the 60s so maybe I’m remembering wrong? I only know it’s no longer available – darn because I really liked that.

I could (but I won’t) go into Port Chester for really good homemade bread because (a) I’d eat it and (b) I’d eat it all. I don’t see owning and making my own bread because (a) I’d eat it and (b) I’d eat it all. Why is bread so good and so bad for you? It’s my weakness.

So I suffer the indignities of lousy bread daily and get to complain here.

Gray and chilly day here with chances of rain this afternoon but it looks like the Belmont Stakes might be okay with sunshine. I haven’t picked my horses yet but I am preparing the bar for making the official drink of the Belmont – the Belmont Jewel! Bourbon, lemonade, pomegranate juice and a twist of orange. Mmmmm. Happy Saturday all.

21 thoughts on “It’s No Wonder I can’t find a white bread I like

  1. You know you can still buy Wonder Bread!

    We are a sourdough bread family and that’s hard to find good too, without going to a bakery.

  2. Arnold Brick Oven and cissel breads were the ones I grew up with. Outside of the Boston area you don’t hear cissel very often but it’s a rye bread with caraway seeds. It’s my bread of choice for sandwiches, toasted and not. I haven’t had Brick Oven in years.
    When I’m feeling ambitious, I make English muffin bread and sometimes toss in raisins and cinnamon.
    No knead bread makes great toast but it’s not a soft and fluffy kind of bread.
    Same weather you’re having. Gray and cloudy with a chance of rain later.

    1. Cissel breads? That’s a whole new word to me. Tell me more.

      English muffins make a good alternative to morning toast, I agree, but then again, like potato chips, who can eat just one? I like mine burned, literally, double toasted so there’s actual burning. Mr. EOS likes his lightly toasted so we make sure he goes first in the toaster so he’s not responsible for changing the setting from my preferred Annihilate to his Like Raw. 🙂

  3. Bread is my downfall too. Right now, I’ve been “off” it since early May. Definitely craving it, especially dunked in egg yolk, or to mop up Caesar dressing (homemade!). I’m more of an artisanal gal, whole grain or sourdough. At one point, I tried to keep a sourdough mother–amazing for pancakes and waffles. But like all living things, (besides my children, thank God!) it died. I’m in the middle of slowly killing potted tomato and eggplants plants. Although, if you ask my boys, they will tell you the lack of yeasty treats is causing them a slow and miserable death…

    1. I TOO try to go without bread for a couple of months, eating more protein, but at some point when I pass the bread aisle, I feel like I want to bring home every loaf there and just sit and eat bread for days on end. So rather than deny my body all bread, I have it in very small doses. Like today, that ciabatta bread was like having nothing because the two slices I toasted had more large holes than it did bread.

      Although, if you ask my boys, they will tell you the lack of yeasty treats is causing them a slow and miserable death… FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. PF makes a whole line of Farmhouse breads, including a hearty white. It has to be close to, if not identical to what you remember as Toasting White.

    I’m with Jane- we eat 12 grain. English Muffins on Sundays with scrambled eggs and bacon.

    1. Great graphic AJ. I’m trying to read the twelve ways but the print is too teeny. ALL those old ads claimed miracles. One of the TV channels I get is called Buzzr, all old game shows, all of which show the ORIGINAL ads too. The Clairol ones are hysterical especially, as is the Bufferin one that claims to stop depression.

  5. The few times I buy bakery bread, like a baguette or ciabatta, it gets hard as a rock before I can finish it. There must be a way I’m supposed to keep that from happening but sure as heck I don’t know so I stick to Pepperidge Farm Sandwich white.

    Last year one of my kids playdates told me that his mother wouldn’t let him eat white bread and could I prepare his sandwich on whole grain? I gave him a banana instead.

  6. I used to beg my mother to buy Wonder Bread but not one loaf ever made it into our kitchen. Maybe because Pepperidge Farm Arnold was made locally. I don’t know. The thought of a blt on soft bread (made regularly by an aunt for our beach lunches) still makes my mouth water.

    I’m with you on the burned english muffins & love my pizza crust & hot dogs burned & blistered, too.

  7. There’s one reason HoJo’s hot dogs tasted so good to me- I grew up eating boiled hot dogs. They’ll split when boiled too long. Saturday night supper was typically brown bread, baked beans and hot dogs. The entire plate was brown food. Actually, I like brown bread and baked beans. With a grilled in butter hot dog, they make a nostalgic meal.

    1. I was just telling my mother how I miss all the picnics we used to have as kids with other families. We’d go to a town park with a grill already in place. Mom would bring homemade baked beans with lots of bacon. Her potato salad with celery and egg, hot dogs and buns. The other family brought desserts. Mmmmmm.

      I’m not sure I’ve ever had good brown bread. I love date nut bread, even that circle of it in the supermarket, slathered with cream cheese, or toasted with butter but I don’t think that’s brown bread.

  8. B & M/brown bread – same brand as the baked beans. Wrap it in foil, heat in the oven & then slather on the butter. MMMMMMMM!

  9. There’s an old peasant saying ” … the whiter the bread, the sooner dead.” It’s clearly not working out that way with us aging baby boomers. I guess, unlike generations past, we benefited from enough real nutrition to offset the uselessness of the 50s-60s ***new & improved & scientifically validated *** foods. Someone pass me a TastyCake butterscotch crumpet, please.

    Swanton, you mention brown bread that comes in a can. Would that be the brown bread in a can available through The Vermont Country Store? I love that catalogue/website. Major retro time travel. Ship ‘n Shore blouses, anyone?

    1. Probably. It’s a New England thing. Not one person here in SC has ever heard of it. Those from the northeast know it well. I’ve got a can of B & M brown bread in the pantry calling loudly to me.

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