is the world coming to an end?

The birds think so. Not only is there no room at the feeders, there’s a wait list for the next open slot.



Maybe I should buy bottled water and freeze-dried food?

I’m off to the hairdresser to get some blonde streaks in my ever graying hair, then some local errands, so talk amongst yourselves.

It’s Friday! Yay.


12 thoughts on “is the world coming to an end?

  1. Be on the lookout for bears. People are being told to take down their bird feeders.

    BEDFORD CORNERS, N.Y. — A second bear sighting has been reported near the Bedford-Mount Kisco border.

    The new sighting comes from Bedford Corners resident Carla Bird, who spotted a black bear in her yard on the evening of June 6.

    “Our bird feeder was almost empty but he still got to it and tried to eat the thistle bird seed,” Bird wrote in an email. “Our neighborhood homeowners association warned about the bear earlier that morning, I had just not pulled them in yet.”

    Bird’s residence is near Route 172 and McClain Street, and near the Mount Kisco town line. Police recently announced that an earlier bear sighting was reported within the past week. The previous sighting was on Knowlton Avenue, a near by street that is on the Mount Kisco side of the border.

    1. So true. I wish I could be creative every day but alas, life rears its ugly head and I have to get my hair done, go grocery shopping, and get my toes painted. Anytime you have ideas for me to blog about, I’m all ears. 🙂

  2. Keep blogging as you always have. I’ve never found this blog boring but often informative and always interesting. Plus, the photos are great.

  3. Hey, hey, hey- you’re going blonde for the reunion? The big dinner dance for mine is tomorrow but I’m skipping because I don’t resemble that cute yearbook picture with the blonde flip, Peter Pan collar and a circle pin. How could anyone recognize me?

    1. I’ve been streaking my hair for years. I actually have very little gray but I like some lightness around my face. I feel I look older with dark hair. Streaking is easier than coloring as it can grow out more gracefully without looking like a skunk.
      Your 50th reunion???? Mine is in October when we will be aboard the QM2 so I’m not going either. Ask me if that was the plan all along!!!! 🙂 🙂

      1. Yup. 50th. Clairol was my best friend and worst kept secret in those days. When my colorist of 30 + years finally was able to marry his partner and move to the west coast it was the end of my frosted tresses.

        1. Class of 1966!!!!!!!! I KNEW I adored you for so many reasons but this is a bond!!

          I think when my hairdresser retires, I’m going to have to do Hair By Paper Bag. Sigh.

    1. AJ! Nice to see you here. I confess to not watching all 47 minutes of the video. Can I buy the Cliff Notes version or would you care to share a highlights reel?

  4. Just waving hello. Your blog is not boring at all! I’m embracing my grey and wish it would all just change. It’s giving my fine (but plentiful) locks a little body for a change. My son has shoulder length hair, but he hates brushing it. So I’ve taken to approaching him with hairbrush in hand, reciting “thy knotted and combined locks to part!” That usually gets him brushing😃

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