There’s Got to be a Clown Joke Here Somewhere

These two clowns are Jimmy Fallon’s guests tonight. The clown on the left is there to tell the nation that the office of the president is a serious task.


Um, sure.

The clown on the right stopped being good in 1982. Madonna declared she was speechless meeting Obama. Heaven help us if this makes her speechless.

Her getup here makes me speechless.

I’m so very very tired of The Obama’s using the airwaves as their personal podcast. Start your own network Barack. Oh wait, that’s NBC. Oh, and CBS, NPR, PBS, ABC. Never mind.

Not that Jimmy Fallon cares, but I won’t be watching tonight.

7 thoughts on “There’s Got to be a Clown Joke Here Somewhere

  1. Fallon is getting a lot of heat for this interview and other blogs are showing the clip of Obama doing more stuttering while speaking. The man’s singular mission is to make sure no Republican wins. Isn’t there anything else he can do? Like fight ISIS?

  2. What’s more patently ludicrous is the Democratic talking point that Sanders campaign and bid for president was good for the party. Everyone got the memo because you can’t turn the tv on without one Dem saying the exact words. You can’t tell me Clinton liked Sanders bid or that she thought it was good for the party.

    Sanders said today that he’d stay in through Washingyon DC but bottom line he would be all on to destroy Trump. That’s what Obama whispered in Sanders ear today. If Sanders had any balls, he’d tell Obama off rather than kissing him on both cheeks like he did today, praising Obama for not taking sides in the primary. How far up his ass is Sanders head? Obama would never stand for a Bernie presidency. One thing Sanders is right about: It’s all rigged.

    1. Bernie has no choice but to encourage his voters to switch camps but it’ll be the ultimate in hypocrisy since Bernie actually believes what he espouses and what he’s for is 180 degrees away from all that Hillary stands for.

      Dems are coming out in full force today to endorse Hillary. Even the nobody Martin O’Malley came out from under his rock to endorse her. Elizabeth Warren is scheduled to make her endorsement official tonight.

      Hillary is smiling and laughing as if her swearing in is tomorrow and she’s been elected. It’s not a pretty picture.

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