A Cos Harbour Kind of Day

Cos sends me his photos on a regular basis that I horde until a day that seems suitable to post, and guess what, today is suitable! Enjoy.


Cos says these boats are all sailing to England, manned by one person only!



And no submission by Cos would be complete without his eye on Manhattan..


No earth-shattering news from me to blog about but it’s early yet. I’m still sipping coffee, huddled around the fireplace as the outside temps hover in the 50s… but I LOVE it – no air conditioning!

Happy Thursday folks! And thanks for yesterday’s comments. I should do No Topic more often! 🙂

One thought on “A Cos Harbour Kind of Day

  1. Thanks CosH. I always enjoy your perspective.

    The IMOCA shots are my favorites. I Googled the race and found a couple of good links.
    The first one is an overview, with photos of the Banco Populaire boat in action

    This link is a story of a sailor who needed rescue.

    The history of the race is fascinating to read.

    Not much sun here in Miami – we’ve had more than our fair share of rain – more coming this weekend too.

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