When You Absolutely Positively Don’t Want Woodpeckers Destroying Your Home

My North Carolina family sent along photos of the great lengths they are going to at the log cabin to fend off Woody Woodpecker.


An incredible array of specialty items have been created for telling Woody to take a hike.


The traps. The target eyes. The mirrors. Whoa. I sure hope this all works. But first, the foam…

This is a critical step FIRST – to fill the holes made by the carpenter bees because the woodpeckers are seeking out the bee larvae….

Smile – you’re on Candid Camera.

Of course, you CAN buy all those products, but if you are Mr. EOS, a proud yankee through and through, and have woodpecker problems at the Carriage House, whatya do? You make something! His motto – if it’s free, I’ll take two. 🙂


Mr. EOS’s sister is having swallow problems building nests every year under the front porch and right OVER the back door out to the porch such that anyone who sits on the porch is doomed. For years she decided it was mean to upset the swallows and she let them nest and poop all over the porch. It was awful what they did. Now, she’s come over to the Good Side and wants nothing to do with the swallows – last I heard her say was tell them to go back to Capistrano! She created some homemade anti-swallow devices too (yankee creativity runs in the family!) and so far it’s working!


Hopefully all the hard work and effort going on in North Carolina will prove successful. I may need to borrow all those things when they’re done as I have one of my very own woodpeckers here – for now thankfully, he’s pecking away at a dead tree that I keep for that reason!


Gorgeous sunny day – get out and go and do. I am!


8 thoughts on “When You Absolutely Positively Don’t Want Woodpeckers Destroying Your Home

  1. Funny Tide jug! I like the way he thinks. I think I’d just shoot the woodpeckers. Isn’t that possible?

  2. I’ve had some success hanging plastic shopping bags to deter the woodpeckers & cardinals who like to tap at my windows & leave behind all manner of mess. It works & it’s free but the house looks like Dogpatch.

  3. How about rubber snakes? Not only to deter the ‘peckers, but, the hilarity exhibited by unsuspecting guests is fun for the whole family!

    1. There are very few things Mr. EOS is afraid of. Snakes is at the top of his list. Using fake snakes around him would be bring about girly screams (from both of us!) We used to have a REAL big black snake that hung around a low limb on an oak tree. He’s dead now. Don’t ask. 🙂

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