Quite Possibly The Two Most Perfect Things Known to Mankind


A perfectly grilled American cheese sandwich on white bread with ham and tomatoes, eating it in view of a Peck of Perfectly Picked Peonies.


Of course, in my life, nothing is always perfectly glorious. The first bite of sandwich, out plopped a slice of tomato, splat, right on the front of my dress. Geez louise.

The rain has begun in earnest. Golf is on. Feet up, with a good possibility of a nap. Aaah.

5 thoughts on “Quite Possibly The Two Most Perfect Things Known to Mankind

  1. I can almost smell the aroma from those magnificent peonies. We haven’t been so lucky this year with ours- and we don’t have many to begin with.
    BTW, what are you doing with my Portmeirion bowl on your kitchen counter? Sorry, mine is on a kitchen shelf.
    Sox lost, again. Now to watch golf.

    1. I borrowed your bowl when I was there last week. Did I forget to tell you?
      With today’s rain, I’m calling the peonies officially done. I’d say we had the best season ever. The flowers were so full so vibrant. Amazing.
      Don’t run to the tv to watch golf. It got rained out.

  2. Glorious peonies. But I was hoping for a picture of a baby in a christening gown. Bibi

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