All I got was a lousy piece of cod for $12

Lesson learned: when company is coming for dinner, Do Not wait til 11:30 Saturday morning to go to fish market. 

Everything was pretty much gone or sliced up enough that what was in the case was the dregs. The cod pile was pretty decimated too but doable.  The man next to me had called in an order of FOUR POUNDS of Wild Alaskan King Salmon. I leaned over and said What time shall we come by and I got a stare back like Lady what’s up with you?! I should have known better than to attempt to get a man driving a fancy BMW and wearing driving Mocs to laugh. No sense of humor whatsoever. 

There was Naturally Raised salmon and Farm Raised Salmon. I have no idea the difference. What the hell is naturally raised anything?? 

Halibut ….$32.99! Holy expensive fish Batman. 

I wanted shrimp too but I was asked to give to my first born as payment so I went to the supermarket and got mystery frozen shrimp farm raised in Indonesia. Gulp. Hopefully no one will be calling me tomorrow to report food poisoning. 

And I rounded out the morning shop with some wine and ginger beer for Dark and Stormy drinkers.  I closed my eyes and grabbed the rosé in the prettiest bottle with the nicest label. I noticed lots of women like their rosé so I thought it best to have some on hand. 

We’re hoping to eat outside tonight so if you have an in with Mother Nature, put in a good word for us. Thanks!!

Happy Saturday! 

11 thoughts on “All I got was a lousy piece of cod for $12

  1. Going to a fish market on Friday afternoon is no wiser a choice. I see my entire Catholic church congregation there, the old timers still eat fish.

    You couldn’t have gotten much cod for $12. Is there meat in the menu too or are only skinny people coming? I’ll have a dark and stormy.

    1. True enough about Friday!
      I got an entire filet for $12, decent enough for us. I’m having a green salad, some quinoa, and asparagus. Dessert is angel food cake and strawberries so the small portion of fish won’t be noticeable. I hope. Oh, there are hors doeuvres and drinks first.

  2. Quinoa? Do you hate the men coming to the party? It’s evil stuff. How about something edible for the guys! 🙂

    1. Ha! Mr. EOS feels the same way about quinoa. Throw enough spices in it and it IS edible. For any doubters, I’ll say it’s couscous.

  3. You are all so funny today.
    If everyone has 2 dark & stormy’s food will become not necessary!! Those are powerful and so delicious. Mmm, wish I had one now…

    1. Rubbery but I think all frozen and thawed shrimp is… when dunked in really spicy sauce combined with really strong drinks, the shrimp all of a sudden became edible. 🙂

  4. Love those Dark ‘n Stormys! I will forever fondly associate them with good times in Bermuda and parts of the Caribbean.

    Buying fish on Friday in Westchester County: yep, I’d imagine the old-school Catholics with the wherewithal to do so make sure to get the best pickings first, but think about it this way … it’s always good for fish sellers to have a steady & devoted clientele, and it’s even better that it coincidentally occurs pre-weekend.

    Anyone else here ever read Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential,” from circa 2000? This book became his launch into his tv (and endlessly expanding) stardom. Of course, beyond his talents, it doesn’t hurt that he is attractive tv material: tall, skinny, irreverent, witty, and possessed of a full head of hair .

    1. I’d never heard of or had a Dark and Stormy til about 7-8 years ago when it was the drink a wedding couple we knew chose as the their drink. I was surprised I had never had one up until then.

      I imagine there are tons of New York towns with old guard Catholics who flock to fish markets in Friday. Honestly I was taken aback at how picked over the case was at 11:30.
      I’m on the fence about Bourdain. I loved his old show. Now that he’s on CNN, I think his attitude has changed. Maybe it’s the fame? Overall agree with you though that he’s smart and funny and has a great head of hair!!

  5. Halibut’s usually about $16 lb here in Portland (when it’s in season and the fishing grounds are open, as they are now), haddock’s $4.99 and lobster $5.99.
    Of course, it’s a hike to Portland, but you’ll save enough on fish to pay for your gas.

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