So Much for Privacy


This morning I got a blast email from a town resident who I’ve never heard of for an event that’s taking place in a school district I don’t live in. Logical to assume it’s spam, the sender was @aol after all, the king of spammers, but I looked at the list of email address (FIRST SIN, he sent the email disclosing all seventy email addresses rather than to undisclosed!) and I saw several town employees were on the list.

I called the Supervisor’s office and got his secretary, a woman I’ve known for a long time and asked her

  1. Did the Town sell my email address to this man?

When I was assured that was not the case, that the Town does not sell email lists, I called one of the town employees on the list to see if HE know the man sending the email. He did but that still begs the question

  1. Should a personal event be sent through blast email, a list as yet to be determined how he got?

The event is not sponsored by the Town. It is not sponsored by the Byram Hills School District. It’s a resident who is putting together a fundraiser for a cause with which he is aligned.

Part of the email I got

It’s like people who use the church or school directly as their personal mailing list, always explicitly forbidden but always ignored. Grrrrr.

I’m unhappy for two reasons – that my email is out there exposed with all the others to whom he sent this solicitation. And two that such an email was sent in the first place. Should I take all these email addresses now and send them Vote Trump ads? That’s how much of an invasion of my privacy I think this email is.

The resident is known by the Town so I am sure his INTENT was a good one. His delivery however, a real miss.

I sent the man an email…..

I am one of the recipients of your email for the above event and wonder how you got my email address. This is the address I use to receive Town news!  I asked the Town Supervisor’s office and was told the lists are not sold. Further, the list to whom you sent your event news includes email addresses of town employees who are no longer employed at the town, one a policeman who retired in 2011. I’m also not happy all of our email addresses are exposed rather than sending it to Undisclosed recipients.

I would appreciate clarification of how you got my email address. I wish you good luck with the event but strongly believe a personal event should not be sent through blast email. I do not know you and am not even in the Byram Hills School District.

Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. 

Right tone? Wrong tone? I shouldn’t have bothered? Let me know what you think. Meanwhile I’m off for the races….


3 thoughts on “So Much for Privacy

  1. My pet peeve too. I got so many from church members I finally said something to the church secretary. She just shrugged her shoulders.

    I liked your letter, right tone, asking for clarification. Keep us posted.

  2. Good reply to the sender who probably has no clue how your name ended up on the list. My own town’s email list is very much out of date.
    My pet peeve ( this morning’s, anyway) is people who forward emails to me containing entire email addresses of prior recipients. I don’t know them, don’t want to and don’t want my email address floating around out there.

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