By a Nose

More Belmont photos, these taken by my camera camera, versus my Phone camera.

This is one of the races on turf. I didn’t win any $ on this race.

It was a perfect day for horse racing – no crowds, parking right AT the clubhouse, paid an extra $5 for a box at the finish line, and some wins. Oh, and a clean Ladies Room right at hand too.

I spent a total of $36 in bets, won $77.50 so I came home netting $41.50. I’d say those are good results for someone who knows little about racing other than how cute the horse is.

The most fun was watching the turf races, something I haven’t seen much of since my days growing up in Delaware where that was fairly common.






Life in Shambles, my first win in the first race. 







And what would be race day without the trumpeter?

And watching planes land at JFK – hope this BA flight was on time!


Thanks for coming along!

12 thoughts on “By a Nose

  1. Great day indeed! I’m putting this on my to-do list soon noting that Thursday is a good day to venture out there. How long did it take you from Bedford?

    1. Good question. It was all over the map. Lots of retired men, a few retired couples, some women there alone, and some younger people there with their children – school age children to boot. Not sure what that was all about but it was interesting to watch the kids at the betting window with mom or dad. A few horse owners showed up toward the end but 99% of the people we saw were regular folk like us, just out having fun on a pretty day.

  2. I like your betting strategy. I don’t know beans about horse racing but putting $ on a good looking horse with a catchy name seems like as good an approach as any.

    1. Worked today but might not tomorrow. I can see how people get hooked. And I am sure there were more than a handful of people there today who go everyday there’s a race. Some were even sitting inside watching races from other states on TV. That’s bad.

  3. Not to sound racist here but looks like ALL the jockeys and ALL the stable hands are Hispanic. I don’t have a problem with that, I’m just making an observation. In my youth at the track, the jockeys were all white and so too the stable help. I don’t know where I’m going with this other than to state it.

    1. Yes I’d say almost all of the jockeys and stable crew is Hispanic. Obviously Hispanics do a great job and thus are sought out by stable owners.

    1. Great article thanks. I had no idea he was so well known. I saw over the rails that lots of people wanted photos with him. He was more popular than the horses and now I know why.

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