A Day at the Races

It’s me and the horses. We have the place to ourselves with the exception of a few men sitting outside who look like they live, breathe, and bet 24/7. 

I’m betting on Put it Forward to win in the First. $$$$$$$. 

Update: I changed my mind and bet $5 on Life in Shambles. AFTER I placed the bet I heard he doesn’t do well on turf (the first race in on turf). 😁

UPDATE 2: Life in Shambles won the first race. My $5 turned in $32. Yay! 

Second race has a horse named Sunrise Lover. I feel obliged to bet on her but the odds are 50-1. Maybe $2 only and another $2 on a better chance to win. 

Second: Bet on Auburn Avenue and Rare Eagle in the third. Zippo. 

Third: Bet on Sly Tom and Snake Oil Charlie. Tom was ahead until the last furlong then got nosed out. Again my take = zippo. 

Fast forward to the Sixth: We’re leaving after this race so I bet $10 on Say Cin Cin, $5 on Linda Mimi and $2 on Deedeezee. 

I lost my money in the fourth and fifth. Shoulda stopped at the first.

LINDA MIMI FOR THE WIN. $45.50 for my $5. Going home a winner. 

4 thoughts on “A Day at the Races

    1. Yes I did. Who needs stats? I saw some regulars who had large tabbed binders – I just went with the look of the horse, the color of their silks, and the name.

  1. That’s always my strategy. I didn’t see you bet on the “name” horse we’d agreed upon. Overall how was the experience? I’ve always wanted to go to the Belmont. The same jockey’s and horses run up at Saratoga when they aren’t at Belmont. Have you been there? It’s very nice and was crowded the one time I went which was Labor Day their closing weekend.

    1. That named horse was in the last race and we decided to bail around 4:30.
      Overall the experience was A+. As Jane noted, going on a Thursday makes for an easy way to see all the horses and enjoy the day without the mobs. I bet Friday is a good day too.
      I haven’t been to Saratoga in 100 years, only once in my lifetime. Beautiful.

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