Life in Shambles!

Psst, Life in Shambles in the first..

Tomorrow is a go for us to head to Belmont  – no Memorial Weekend traffic. No rain in the forecast. And a horse named Say Cin Cin to boot. 

Sound Beacher, there’s a horse in one of the races that for sure I’m going to bet on – I won’t give any more clues to others but YOU’LL know which horse I mean. Shall I bet any money for you? I’ll only take 80% of the take.

Sorry to be out of the blogging loop – just been busy.

I expect I’ll live blog the races tomorrow, but it comes with the caveat of my iPhone photo prowess is non-existent. Here’s a photo I took at the Preakness last year – you can see I had trouble with the settings. 🙂

Plumpton Races

4 thoughts on “Life in Shambles!

  1. Funny,funny photo!!
    Yes, I’m in for $10 bet and I don’t know what name you’re talking about. I’m good for the $$’s.

  2. Sinistra in the 8th or Apostrophe in the 9th. Worked with the breeder of Sinistral and the owner of Apostrophe is a Greenwich guy who had a horse in the derby last year. Both nice people and know their way around horses.

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