Pretty in Pink

and white and magenta and peach…


The rain Sunday into Monday did a number on the peonies, knocking many of them down, but as of today, they are not out – they’ve bounced back. I’m going to cut a ton of them today for vases – might as well enjoy them because they are very short-lived.

I have to keep telling myself Today is Tuesday Today is Tuesday – it just seems like a Monday – I’ll be out and about much of the day but the usual rules apply, talk amongst yourselves, go for any off topic item you want to. I’m always game.



6 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. My few peonies are slow to bloom this year so I’m enjoying your splendid photos. They are among my very favorite flowers.

  2. Did you red that the Pope gave George Clooney and his wife some medal? When does a Pope hand out medals? Is the Pope Catholic?

  3. Wish I had such nice peonies, they are beautiful. Yes, cut them and then your house will smell great, too.

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