Gonna Make My Lyin’ Brown Eyes Blue

photo courtesy of LoHud

What a fashion statement Hilz is making today. Blue pantsuit. Matching blue sunglasses. I know friends who wear blue lens sunglasses when they are skiing, but on a partially sunny day, what could they be for other than to cover her red eyes?

The photo is so busy – Bill checking her out. Cuomo thinking to himself, Yes, Vice President DOES suit me. The guy behind Cuomo photobombing and getting a good laugh about something, maybe he’s there to serve Hillary with a subpoena?

I suspect Hillary and Bill will mosey back to their house for some homemade baked beans and dogs, scan Twitter for more Bill Kristol news of a viable third party candidate, and count on voters like my sister who told me today there’s nothing to Hillary’s email issue at all. Okay, sis, you go with that. Me, I’m going with the guy who I hope really really really MEANS it when he says he’ll take care of our veterans.


The sun is out a bit here but the skies are getting darker so I think we are in for another round of showers. We’re kicking back reading, thinking about a Boggle rematch, all the while knowing in our hearts today is first and foremost to thank those men and women who fought and died for our freedom. May God Bless their souls.

12 thoughts on “Gonna Make My Lyin’ Brown Eyes Blue

  1. A pox on both the mainstream party candidates. I’m joining the Libertarians because of this dude. Party on Garth.

    1. I’m wondering who’ll be indicted first, Killary or the Spachim standing next to her?

    1. I’m so over Frank Luntz. He was THE go-to man a few years ago getting the pulse of the voter. Now he’s about himself. That said, I agree with the women in the focus group- don’t go making me a victim because I am female. Sadly, many voters like my sister strongly believe that Hillary’s most electable quality is being a woman. I don’t get it.
      Now, as for the Kristol candidate composite photo- my eyes. My eyes. My eyes. Help. I do think Jeb is in the wings somewhere. He’s been way too quiet. Other than Jeb, I can’t imagine who Kristol thinks he has. Think he’s bluffing?

      1. Looks like ¿Yeb? is otherwise occupied. My guess is Romney (even though he says ‘no’).

        1. Love the Jeb parody account and yes I had to follow the link to see if it was real or not.
          If it is Romney, I hope he falls flat on his face.

        2. I’ve seen that. Pretty damn cool. Since it just seems to be you and me chatting tonight (I guess others must actually have a life), do you have friends who are Trump fans? Any Hillary supporters? Any #NeverTrump?

          We’re pretty solid in the Trump camp with the exception of my sister and her husband. Sis is very well educated great job UES NYC life is good great kids exceptional grandkids but so despises Trump you can see her veins bulge as she mentions his name. She calls him every name in the book. I asked her point blank where she’d move to when he is elected. She went into the nervous Hillary laugh. She used to say Hillary was not for her and I honestly never believed her. Now she’s for sure voting FOR Hillary, regardless of any ethical problems HRC may have now or later. I swear I was adopted.

        3. Oh yes. I was at a gathering the other night where the hostess went out of her way to purchase a Trump piñata for the express purpose of showing how anti-Trump she was. As has been my entire life in CA, I basically let it all happen without any protest or re-education from me (yes, i am a wimp) because it would have been fatal socially and politically to stray from the hive mind. I am amused by the left, in that, Trump could have easily run on the democrat ticket and, with some modifications to his stance on some issues, won quite handily. It seems like they get their marching orders from somewhere (NPR?) and then go forth with no critical thinking or analysis whatever.

          I think I said earlier that I thought Trump’s candidacy was a joke, but, when he started to address issues that everyone talks about and then does nothing, I got interested. Plus, it was kind of fun to watch the Biff and Muffy republicans screw up their faces in disapproval. The democrats play hardball while the republicans argue about the cream cheese content of their cucumber sandwiches and whether they detect Miracle Whip instead of real mayonnaise.

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