Bitch’in Ride

Not to be left out of outdoor activities today, Dawg is headed over to play with her best friend Bear, swim in the pool and be petted by a bunch of adoring toddlers. 

Her ride ain’t half bad either. Life is good. 

12 thoughts on “Bitch’in Ride

      1. I guess that’s why she has that look on her face?

        Here’s a question: I notice, at varying times, you have other bloggers who “Like” your posts. It seems to me, the more controversial posts have the least/no likes. Conversely, a post about emptying the dryer lint filter will have many “Likes”.
        Do you get any special brownie points from Word Press for most “Liked” post? Do you go to other blogger’s blogs and “Like” their posts too?

        1. Interesting that, The Likes. Here’s how it works. WP has what’s called a Reader tab in the app. I can choose certain categories of blogs to follow, say I am particularly interested in all blog posts tagged photography or humor or lint. I can scroll through them in the reader and can Like as I so choose. The crux of the likes comes in actually attributing a tag that WP fellow bloggers might search. Humor is huge. So too photography. Nature. Life. Love. I have to remember to add the tags, which in the use of the WP iPhone app is next to impossible as it only allows me to scroll down to the letter D of previous tags I’ve used and saved
          Long story short, liking is a WP mutual admiration society. In the days when I had a dozen or so fellow WP bloggers as regular commenters, yes, we’d like each other’s posts. I suppose it’s similar to Facebook likes, although I don’t Facebook. I also see likes as a lazy mans way of seeing a post but not commenting. I prefer to comment. Does that answer your question?

          As for the look on Dawg’s face, that’s gas.

  1. I hate to bring this up in a post about your sweet Dawg, but any thoughts on the gorilla being killed? It truly broke my heart to see the keepers kill such a fine old animal.

    1. Me too. It was a tough story but the keepers had no choice. I read had they tried to sedate the gorilla it would have taken too long and there was no telling what the gorilla would have further done to the child. The side show in Twitter is in favor of shooting the bad parent who didn’t see the child go under the fence, leaving the gorilla alive. I can not go into a zoo. I know they are trying to preserve certain animal breeds but I want to run around and let them all free.

      1. I hadn’t heard the Twitter side of the story but leave it to 140 characters of anonymity to express displeasure.

        I’m with you on being unable to go to a zoo. My grandchildren wanted to go to one and I had to pass. It’s particularly painful to see pacing lions or singular elephants. I’m not surprised we are simpatico on this subject since we agree on politics and life.

  2. Continuing the off topic questions: do you think Bill Kristol really has an independent candidate in queue and if yes, who? The Libertarians have Johnson and Weld, Weld about as old guard a Republican there was.

    PS: our tag sale was a huge success. We sold almost everything. At some points it was so crowded we couldn’t manage it all. With the rain due tomorrow we are thrilled to be done and plan to sleep in til noon.

    1. I saw Kristol’s tweet and subsequent Trump tweets. LOTS of #neverTrump peeps are on cloud nine at the thought of anyone beating the man they despise. Johnson and Weld are the original Odd Couple but I do think they, combined with an independent, will derail Trump. But Trump got THUNDEROUS cheers today from the bikers who ride to honor vets. Who knows what will happen.

      CONGRATS on the successful yard sale. Now hurry up and take down all the signs on trees and posts before I call you out in a blog post (forgotten yard sale signs – a huge pet peeve of mine.)

    2. Actually, I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if Weld has “evolved” to libertarianism. He was always socially VERY liberal. It was his economic positions that were enigmatic. With nothing to lose, why not go libertarian?

  3. Can my Staffie [cough, cough] “Smiles” go there for a playdate?

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