Total non-thinking post for a lazy hazy hot and humid Saturday.

First up, YAY, a big YAY. I mean can’t wait kind of YAY!

Random prettiness…


This is when woodpeckers are NOT your friends – when you own a log cabin and they are pecking away at the beams and railing! This will not do.

Found money: I have three of these. But it does beg the question, who would be stupid enough to pay $50??

Then there’s a whole new blue trend happening in decor – interior and exterior…

And there’s a Saturday quiz – what’s wrong with this photo?! Hint, it’s more than one thing, at least IMHO.

And the winner of the WTF headline! Yonkers????????

The best for last:

Enjoy the day!

31 thoughts on “Randomness 

  1. The woodpecker damage is awful. Is there away to prevent it or is it always a problem with log homes?

    1. It’s a constant problem. Carpenter bees bore holes in the logs, where they lay eggs. If the holes are not plugged up, the woodpeckers feast on the eggs as shown in the pictures. We’re now advised, in addition to quarterly pest control treatments, to place carpenter bee traps all around the cabin. Who knew?

      1. Thanks for the explanation. I have terrible carpenter bee problems. I didn’t know there were traps!!! I’m going to find some today!!

        Update: Here is the carpenter bee trap that reader TC bought on Amazon, telling me the jar isn’t big enough. They are going to shop locally for one that is better. I see Home Depot carries some of these traps but this information helps me in knowing what’s important to look for. Thanks TC.

  2. I am listening for woodpecker advice! Ours is not active at the moment, but he’s done some damage (not as bad as your photos, more like quarter sized holes) to our soffets –of course, up in the high gables. I’ve read the are either searching for food (bad sign that you have a wood destroying insect problem) or drumming to a tract a mate. I do not have a good way to get rid of these pests. I’m leaving a dead birch standing (killed by same woodpecker and bronze birch borers) as a decoy for now.

    That tiny house is beautiful–but I wouldn’t want to make that bed! If I were to go the tiny house (ahem, how about 1,200 sq feet? That’s tiny too!) route, I would want luxury yacht finish on every square inch. And, a place for every thing!

    I have a well read preppy handbook 😳

    And, I just spent all morning power washing bird do from our (wrap around porch that is not small) patio. Now preparing for barbecued spare ribs (pressure cooker) and broccoli rabe🍻

  3. For the wedding(?) photo quiz: 1/2 the bulbs burnt out in those paper lanterns?

    Since you and are going to have to fight over this property (seeing as we’re both just two or three random numbers away in the MegaMillions drawing):

    1. Right, wedding (?). 😀😀 There is that.
      Yes to half the paper lanterns out especially since everyone except the bride is wearing black. How do you get any good wedding photos with no contrast!
      Also, what really stood out was how the bride is slouching, her hair looks barely combed and it’s covering the entire side of her face, and he’s all homo erectus in his man bun. I give them a couple of months before one or the other comes out of the closet. Just sayin…
      You know you can’t have my house. I called dibs on that years ago. I guess you’ve forgotten the first rule of blogging. Blogging about a coveted property means I have 9/10th possession but considering you are a friend, I’ll let you pay 1/10th of the taxes. Deal???

        1. Uh oh, my inner rube must be showing. I’ve never heard of Haddawy or his company Resurrection Vintage. I’ll take the hot tub and the view. You can have the rest.

        2. I hadn’t heard of Haddawy either until he stole my house.
          Yes, Santa Barbara and Montecito are technically and literally in Southern California (not that there’s anything wrong with that; I just prefer a little more variation in weather than sun every goddam day) 😎

        3. Glad I’m not the only rube at the table. Had you heard of his company?
          SB is pretty swell in my book. Had a kid who lived there and we pestered the sh** out of him visiting so often. He finally moved just to get away from us!! :-). The weather there seemed darn perfect to me.

        4. Had never heard of Haddawy’s company – it makes sense though, there are reasons why any article might be vintage and appreciate in value versus old and worthless.

          Don’t get me wrong, given an ample trust fund, Santa Barbara or Montecito would be tops on my list, particularly if I could snag a George Washington Smith designed villa.

        5. You mean the GW Smith who dropped out of Harvard? What a genius of design and alas, he died so young, age 54. I’ve toured Casa del Herrero (regrettably before this blog) and remember needing kleenex the whole tour to wipe off drool. It is one of the prettiest homes on the planet. Have you been though it? The simplest things, like a reflecting pool, or an arched doorway, or tiles on a stairway – utter perfection. You have good taste in homes.

        6. Difficult to know why he fought so hard to demolish it when he had the wherewithal to buy someplace else for his new house. He may have caused the creation of many amazing things, but, he was not a nice person nor did he have to be.

  4. I am listening to Erik Larson’s most excellent book Dead Wake about the last voyage of the Lusitania. It might get you in the mood for your upcoming voyage, if you haven’t read it.

    The Official Preppy Handbook. Wow, that brings back memories and makes me feel old.

    1. I bought the Dead Wake book, have it on my to-read list, thinking I best read it NOW, and not carry it aboard the QM2 for light reading!

      1. I’ll just chime in that I recommended it when you were asking for books for your island vacation — just saying……

        1. Aha, I knew it was recommended, just didn’t remember it was by you. Thanks. It’s (embarrassingly) shows that I’ve had the book for months now, still unread. Oops. Once I finish The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Dead Wake is next!

  5. Hey it’s Sunday morning, I came to have a 2nd cup of coffee with you…….

    And, the best weather in USofA is in San Diego, where they keep the ships and marines.

    1. Cheers. Thanks for joining us! We’re still drinking coffee here too. Although up and at’em by 5:28 (late for me), I’m not in gear for any major projects other than reading the paper.

  6. We’re back from the Atlanta wedding, fighting the crowds at both Miami and Atlanta airports. It was crazy. Glad to be home.

    My brother-in-law has a log cabin in West Virginia and he fights off woodpeckers and carpenter bees too, telling me it’s very easy to make the bee trap. I’m the kind of guy who would buy one, but for anyone with the tools and some wood, it seems an easy DIY project.

    1. Whoa, you’re back in Miami already? What, did you take a 5am flight or leave right after the wedding? Glad you survived the TSA mayhem.

      Great DIY video. I think I can even handle that project. Thanks

      1. Yep, we took the first American Airlines flight out of Atlanta for Miami, the 6:40. We didn’t want to lose the whole day here. Landed on time. The TSA pre-check line was not open but the lines were doable at this early hour and not the day most people are heading home. We lucked out.

        1. What time did AA tell you to be at the airport? I hear they are furious at the TSA because so many of their customers have missed flights.

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