The Neigh’s Have It



The votes are in – my friends don’t want to drive to Belmont. Darn. I had my best filly outfit ready to wear, camera battery charged, blog post titles prepared, a bunch of $1.00 to bet, and the car full of gasoline. Now I’ll actually have to think about the day. What fun is that?

It’s a gorgeous morning, bright sunshine, the lawn mowers are here making the place look pretty decent for someone whose lawn is just green weeds. Propane tank full for BBQ, going to make a peach cobbler, I roasted a whole chicken to make chicken salad ..made cole slaw – I’m ready for the weekend, I guess. But from the family chatter, all this food could be for me and Mr. EOS- while we’re staying put, the rest of my family has informed me they will be on the road, one taking off tomorrow, another Saturday through Monday, one today through Wednesday. Hope Dawg likes her burgers rare!

Who is home and who is taking off?


I was going to bet on Eskenformoney and Paz the Bourbon, but to be honest, I was going to bet on Bourbon to win because Bourbon always wins in our house! So at this point I’d be even, making $2 in the first race and losing it in the second. Just like life!



14 thoughts on “The Neigh’s Have It

      1. We put up posters in lots of the usual places. My mother read the Pennysaver front to back and circled all the yard sales. Ironically I’m selling lots of stuff she gave me from her yard sale finds.

  1. Since we were just away we are home, doing the travel laundry. No, seriously Memorial Day is GREAT and it will be a beach weekend. We love hosting a viewing party for the OG Parade. Monday at 10am with a ceremony to follow at Binney Park includes the reading of the Gettysburg Address from memory, by a historian. There are 2 other parades in Greenwich and a few more ceremonies.
    Your salads sound yummy, come over for dinner and bring the food!!

    1. Who doesn’t love a parade. Bedford Village’s starts at 11am and it’s great to see all the young families walking in it. The kids have a bicycle decoration event that’s fabulous.

      Reading of the Gettysburg Address is brilliant and I’ve not been to a parade that does that. I may suggest it for here.
      We are about to get some rain showers but that’s okay, it’s just so darn hot and humid, Dawg is doing a lot of huffing and puffing, like a nudge nudge to turn on the ac.

      Have a fund Memorial Day.

  2. Wedding bells and crossed swords on the weekend itinerary….off to West Point for the wedding of my Captain nephew in the Cadet Chapel.

  3. We are on the road, also going to a wedding in Atlanta. Not looking forward to the three hour TSA wait for a 90 minute flight but it’s a loved cousin so we go.

  4. Staying home, enjoying house guests, eating well. Lots going on locally this weekend from yacht club party, beach opening for the season, veterans events, arts festival to the parade on Monday.
    Major glitch is the washing machine is making strange noises. Not the high pitch whine but a low, dull sound when the drum rotates.

    1. Have fun!!!!! Beach opens in RI too. You always know when New Yorkers open their RI summer house – Peapod makes deliveries! It’s a better harbinger of summer than just about anything!

      Keep us posted about your washing machine. I’m getting to like mine much more now that I am using Tide HE POWDER. No liquid did squat cleaning real stains.

    1. Well, there was that plan, or root canal. 🙂
      I see I can bet online right at the Belmont site. Don’t know what that requires to do so, but I want to see the horses up close and personal when I bet. I get there one day this summer.

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