I’m Trying to Decide if I Should Hedge My Bets

A couple of us talked about going to Belmont Raceway tomorrow, before it dawned on us that this is Memorial Weekend and tomorrow might be a day people escape early.


The first race is at 1:30 so we’d leave here around 11:30 to get to the park in plenty of time to see who is running, have a hot dog, and place our bets before we hear They’re Off.

Here’s who’s running….. I’m thinking in the first race, Eskenformoney to win.

The gotcha is heading the same direction as the Hampton’s Bound idiots, although if we do leave at 11:30 we likely won’t have the mob going over the Throgs Neck at that hour.


I am also guessing that when we leave Belmont, people won’t be going NORTH at that hour fleeing the city, but then again, who would have thunk I’d sit ninety minutes trying to get over the GWB on a sunny Thursday last week.

I’ll let you all decide. Shall we see the ponies or wait? Giddy-up!

14 thoughts on “I’m Trying to Decide if I Should Hedge My Bets

  1. Check the schedule, but might be worth considering the LIRR. Never a big fan of the two RR parlay, but at least you have some certainty. My other trick is staying on the Cross Island and going over the Whitestone instead of the TN. Miss the nasty 95 merge.

    1. We did look at the train schedule and it doesn’t work – it’s too few trains – on the Belmont Stakes weekend there are plenty, but this is just a regular race day.

      I default to the Whitestone myself – the Belmont website directed us over the TN. Both can be nasty, both can have long backups or construction closing a lane. I need a boat.

  2. I vote Go. I doubt the Hampton’s crowd will leave tomorrow morning. Do you bet much each race?

  3. My vote is to wait. My children told me that many of their friends are taking an extra extra long weekend, leaving tomorrow, driving to their destinations. I heard Peter Greenberg say the same thing, that people are fearful of flying, hate the long TSA lines, and are choosing to hit the road.

    If you pay me no heed, my wife wants $2 on Meatball Maddnes in the 6th race (strange spelling) and I’ll take $2 on Nicholson in the 4th race.

  4. We just drove down from Maine today, and now that we’re home we can say. It was a “good” drive, but oh, the Northbound traffic, in many different places. (got to CT at 2:30) We say that 3-day weekends really are a 4-day weekend. People take extra days. We stopped by the beach in Greenwich at 4pm and it was crowded for a Wed. so maybe people are taking a 6-day weekend. That being said when you are among friends the time will fly and you’ll have fun (even in traffic)– Go For It!

    1. Welcome home! Not surprised Northbound was crazy: rentals start this early all along the CT RI MA NH ME coast. So I’m expecting the same tomorrow. We’re sure we’ll go now but the decision to be made is what time to head home. The last race isn’t until like 7pm and maybe we hang out that long before coming back across the bridge.

  5. Driving to Belmont tomorrow?
    Good luck.
    Traffic in Nannyhatan was really bad today.
    Fleet Week ships navigating the Hudson, watched aircraft carrier dock at pier 92 or 94.
    Again I was down in BPC looking at the IMOCA sailboats. Single handedly boats that circumnavigate race around our planet.
    So amazing!
    When I get my first digital or virtual race horse, name will be “SUNNYFIELD”!
    Horses are like big dogs. Racing them is only fun to watch.
    Sailboating is more humane.

    1. On the phone now with my horse betting partners in crime, two are now saying NO WAY, they don’t want to get caught going or coming. Oh well. they are probably right but I was so looking forward to it.

      Save July 29-31, Newport. Candy Store Cup Superyacht races.

      My first horse will be named Wasque Point.

  6. DON’T GO. From the Washington Post. Read it, says THURSDAY is the worst day. Stay home. Bet online.

    “Analysts at the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board said Thursday, not Friday, is the worst day to hit the road. They looked at historical traffic information from the past five years on area freeways in the days leading up to the Memorial Day weekenD”.

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