Get back to me when she feels the slap of steel on her wrists

C’mon folks, it’s my turn to be president. 

The NYTimes and the WSJ are breaking news that The State Department’s independent watchdog has concluded that Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and months of missing records from her tenure were violations of State Department policies and practices.


The non-surprise in this report is that it goes on to say previous SOS did the same thing. In other words, Hillary can just continue to say Hey, we all did it so it’s fine. Nothing to see here. Move on (dot org!)

I’m looking forward to hearing her comment. Regrettably Bernie has already weighed in on this, early on telling the public it wasn’t anything HE cared about. Bad move Bernie, bad move.

NO doubt Trump will have a few choice words, if he hasn’t Tweeted something already.


13 thoughts on “Get back to me when she feels the slap of steel on her wrists

  1. The noon cable news channels are loathe to report on this, they are all opening with Trump protests. Andrea Mitchell might have a coronary is she has to talk about Hillary doing something wrong.

    1. Someone online has posted Andrea Mitchell’s 2015 interview of HRC where HRC says exactly the opposite of what the IG report says. It’ll be interesting to see how she squirms out of this one.

    1. Are those gals from the Bedford Hills Correctional facility? If Hillary were sent here I might go back to volunteering there just to get a good laugh.

      Heck, even the Federal prison is Danbury is close enough drive for me to get a visitors pass to gawk and laugh.

      1. They could be! I figured it was the kitchen crew getting ready to some salad.
        Looks like even Will Ferrell is less enamored than before:

        1. So does this mean Will Farrell is a Bernie supporter????? Please say no. I heard Cheech (or was it Chong, they look alike, yikes) was uninvited to a Bernie event. The horrors.

        2. Donald must be shaking in his boots. 😀😀😀😀😀
          Jamie Leigh Curtis just introduced HRC at a stump stop in LA. I can only say OH MY GOD!! The woman was shouting.
          The networks are covering the stump talk expecting her to say something about the IG report. Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha.

  2. Hillary had the NERVE to go on Ellen today and play the game Who would you rather for your VP. It might have been truer had Ellen asked Who would you rather for your cell mate. I don’t care for Ellen but that there was no mention of the breaking news was the ultimate boot licking.

    1. Oh no she didn’t, really? That’s awful.
      I read that the Clinton camp is calling the IG report bias. Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha. Right wing conspiracy?

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