The Sun Also Rises

The sun has deigned to make an appearance today, but dark clouds are on the horizon so not looking great for any long term sunshine. I took advantage of the break in the rain to check the peonies and lo and behold a couple more bloomed and one about to,. Alas, the largest bed of peonies I have, with maybe 20 plants, each with ten or more buds, not a one even ready to bloom.


New addition to the bird feeders – a morning dove. The safflower tube is now empty, as is the blended seed so I’m headed out to shop. I’m torn about where to buy the seed – I bought the first batch at a mom and pop bird store, where I feel my allegiance should be, but yowsa, his prices were crazy high for seed. There’s a grain store in Bedford Hills and I may stop in there, or run to another shop on Railroad Avenue that I know carries good seed. All three mom and pop stores so I’m not running to any chain, but a few cents here and there is worth looking around, especially considering how fast the birds are consuming the food.


And while I’m out, I’m going to spend another $1.00 for tonight’s Mega Million drawing which I think is now at or close to $200mm. That’ll buy a whole lot of bird seed!

4 thoughts on “The Sun Also Rises

  1. The sun was short-lived – it’s raining over my house right now. We’re having a tag sale this weekend to get rid of so much we don’t want to take when we move – we debated about having the sale over Memorial Weekend or the following and opted for this weekend figuring lots of people stay home these days. We’ll see if I was right or wrong.

    We ended up buying a house in the Riverside section of Greenwich, going very tiny on a small lot – we feel very fortunate to have survived our financial crisis without losing our Bedford home. We can start all over, giving up living large. Life is good.

    Your peonies are gorgeous, just looking at them makes me happy. Thanks

    1. That’s breaking news! I hear great things about Riverside, that it’s really a wonderful family community. You won’t be too far away from any old friends from here but you will have to change your comment name once you are all moved in. Congratulations!

  2. Gorgeous! You said you cut them back when season is over. Do you mean after first frost? Or after finished blooming?

    1. I wait til about October to cut them back, unrelated to frost, but not right after they bloom. I only do it then because it’s the same time I cut back the hydrangeas and lavender. I hire someone for this big task and it’s more efficient financially to do it all at once. Two men all day. I don’t claim to be a gardener so you might do better by referring to a garden forum online or check a good gardening book at the library.

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