Bedford Deep Thoughts


So what is my takeaway from the Warning, Pedestrians sign? 

That I better not drive on the sidewalk????! That’s my takeaway. 

Of course the real takeaway is bureaucratic lunacy. Signs on top of signs on top of signs. This one rises to the top of crazy waste. 

17 thoughts on “Bedford Deep Thoughts

  1. Funnnnnny. Do you think it’s related to St. Patrick’s school being catty-corner? Have you noticed all the new lime green school bus stop warning signs too? Isn’t that why buses have red blinking lights? Stupid and wasteful.

    1. If it were related to St. Patrick’s, the sign wouldn’t be aimed going away from the school. I think it’s overkill. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.
      I have seen the school bus stop warnings. There is one on Bedford Center Road near Glen Arbor CC. Others but I can’t think where.

  2. The level of bureaucracy is seriously out of control!

    Btw, I’ve been meaning to ask you if you would expound more about why you didn’t file a claim for your windshield. Just tell me to bug off if it’s too nosey😜 But my insurance company (ACE private risk) just merged with Chubb, and I’m wondering if that is a headache in the making….

    1. The cost of the windshield repair was so minimal it made no sense to get Chubb to do it. Had I replaced the windshield, then yes I would have gone through insurance.
      Chubb is a double edged sword. Without a doubt the most expensive insurer out there but also without a doubt the best when it comes to catastrophic events with your cars or home.

      1. Thanks, I figured as much. I guess I read that Chubb is likely to drop you after a claim…which is concerning.

        I love your peony pics. My mom had a magnificent display in Michigan–my brothers transplanted some to their houses when we sold her house, but it was too far to get them out here. Plus, I seem to kill all green things. So, I love enjoying yours🌸

        1. Chubb does have that reputation. They dropped my sister years ago after a claim they made on their Princeton house. And they dropped almost everyone in our RI town who wouldn’t comply with putting metal hurricane shades on. Bye bye.

          Seems like yesterday when we talked about your mother dying and selling her house. I remember you shared the ordeal of packing it up and the ups and downs of siblings who can have different opinions of what to do. Aaaah, life.
          Glad you like the peonies.

  3. I’m thinking the pedestrian warning sign has more to do with the increased risk of people darting across the street along that stretch of road (I can’t remember now if that’s 22 or 172) since there might be someone walking on the sidewalk. Or the possibility that a little kid could get away from an adult on that sidewalk and head in to the street. I take it as a “heads up.” Does it merit a sign? Probably not since so many people pay no attention to the important ones — like STOP. This little sign ends up being a superfluous eyesore, I suppose.

    BTW, I see drivers pass stopped school buses with flashing red lights all the time. Having a lime green sign won’t change that. That behavior is part of the “those rules don’t apply to me” syndrome in this neck of the woods — both Westchester and Fairfield counties.

    1. Possibly, but if that theory were the case, then those signs would be staked in all corners of Bedford Village where there are sidewalks. This is the first one I’ve noticed but now that I’ve seen one, I’ll look to see if there are more.
      That stretch of the road is BOTH 172 and 22. It splits at the Green where St. Patrick’s Church is, 172 to the right, 22 goes left.
      Crossing the street anywhere in the village is risking life and limb and my unscientific study says the speeding offenders ALL have Connecticut plates. Tons and tons of CT plates lately, backcountry homeowners maybe, finding it an easier and straighter shot to Bedford to shop.

    2. WHOA! I thought I lived in the town where traffic rules are for other people. When I first moved back I thought the salt air must be tough on brakes because nobody used them at stop signs.

      1. Well, here many of us use The Bedford Rolling Stop method for those stop signs that really really don’t require an actual stop. I haven’t had to prove that method in court, thankfully. I’ll remember to come toa complete stop when in your hometown. 🙂


  4. Don’t forget.
    Nice woman died by being hit crossing road by Truk near where the new signs are last year.
    Very sad.

    1. Yes that was very sad BUT she crossed the street at dusk, looking at her phone, I believe it was even slightly raining. No charges were pressed against the driver. Mrs. Renwick was killed crossing the Green from her house to the Historic Hall. No signs will stop those tragic accidents.

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