I Wouldn’t Be Totally Oppossed to a Bolt of Lightning

Just an inch off my property line sits a gigantic and dying hickory tree, so ugly even pretty birds don’t want to nest in there. One half of it is bare, broken limbs hanging by a thread, and all in my vision as we sit outside sipping tea.




The man who owns the abutting property (and also the tree!) is not in residence, using a cottage on the land as rental income, plus the tree is not in line of sight to the cottage or near his fencing. In other words, it’s there until it’s not there. Hmmmmm.

Worse, it’s leaning where if it does fall it would do no damage to my property. Drat. Maybe then I could get my insurance company to tell him if his tree falls and does damage, he’s on the hook. Alas, no.

So that leaves me only diabolical approaches to getting the tree to come down. I can’t feign a tractor accident, gee my tractor ran into your tree, sooooo sorry, you keep the wood, sure, because the tree is off the road enough that I’d have no reason for my tractor to be in there, even though there is an old dirt pathway.

So I Googled it and lo and behold, I’m not the only diabolical tree killer. Seems others are curious too, witness my Google results:

Subject: How to kill a large tree, preferably undetected?

But any attempt to cut off its bark or pave the tree base would only give it away that I was the culprit. I can see the headlines now: Bedford Woman Sentenced to Life for Killing a Beloved Tree. 

It pretty much leaves a huge bolt of lighting to take it out. Or lots of lassoing rope to rip the largest limbs down. Ye ha little dogie!

Meanwhile, Grand Central Feeding Terminal is eating me out of seed..I had to fill the tube again this morning.







This one is my all time favorite – I’m calling it Goldfinch Hanging Ten! Whoa.


Looks like rain is nearing. It’s very damp and heavy outside, the sky already clouded over. Bummer. Hope the rain doesn’t hamper tomorrow’s party festivities. Soggy Chex Mix is a downer.

12 thoughts on “I Wouldn’t Be Totally Oppossed to a Bolt of Lightning

  1. Is it not possible to ask neighbor to cut down dead portion or ask him if you can cut down the dead limbs? I don’t see why he’d care if he doesn’t see the tree.

    1. That would be logical but it also means $$$$. This tree is enormous and I suspect no tree person will want to lop off only half. I prefer Mother Nature’s methods.

  2. Are you going to get a bird book and start telling us the specific names of the bird feeder visitors?
    Which 60’s food, was it a dessert, did you go with? Do you have any $$’s on today’s horse race since its in your old hood?
    We test drove the Tesla S today we got a special invite to go to The Delmar in Greenwich. It’s a lot of fun to drive: between the “auto pilot”, hands free lane changing, “ludicrious” mode (pun on the “Space Ball” movie) and the Summon the car feature, really makes you wanna own one…

    1. I keep a bird book right by my desk but so far nothing of any rarity has come to dine chez EOS. Your garden variety goldfinch, cardinals, woodpeckers, and blue jays. The goldfinches are the hungriest of the bunch, here non stop. I wonder what they’d be eating otherwise? I’ve become slightly obsessed watching the hummingbird feeder – with the water change yesterday, more and more are coming. I got some video of one that I may bore everyone with tomorrow.

      No money on any horse today. I’m half-watching and feel so sorry for the horses running in so much mud and rain. The sun actually came out here a minute ago. For the record, I don’t think Nyquist will win.

      As for the party, I made Chex Mix, the olive porcupine cheese ball (so cute!) and this fancy schamancy jello dessert (not my photo)

      Totally cool about test driving the S today. Did you take photos to be a guest blogger??? I’d love to see the car in action.

      1. No picture of the porcupine ball? Sad!

        Speaking of horses, nobody mentioned that Wilbur (Alan Young) died yesterday. Couldn’t make that sitcom today without some charge of cruelty to animals.

        1. Under normal circumstances I would have made a blog post out of making all the party food but the food was made in the party place and stored there until today so it was awkward to keep getting out my phone and snap photos.

          Did Alan Young do much acting after Mr. Ed or was that his height of success? And did the horse get SAG wages? Is he glue now? IMW2K. Speaking of cruelty to animals, did you watch the Preakness? The winning jockey sure used his crop mightily in Exaggerator. I couldn’t watch. I’m sure it didn’t hurt the horse but it looked like it could have.

      2. Alan Young was already notable before Mr. Ed, so, it seems fitting that he kept nominally busy up until a few years ago. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he played a bit part in Friends.


        No doubt, Mr. Ed was glue eons ago, probably without SAG benefits. Didn’t see the Preakness (was busy washing my car and then, again, after it rained.

    1. So interesting. Thanks for the link. I didn’t know that but I do remember being told by some bird expert that the real reason they all have red heads is they are Republicans!

      Last year I heard a giant pileated woodpecker in one of my trees. I got a lousy photo of it but I don’t think they’d come to feed on nuts and berries. I get the smaller woodpeckers.

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