Because They Didn’t Have Hot Pink! 

Mom got herself a spiffy blue fiberglass cast today. The doctor was a keeper, amazed he was talking to a 97 year old who was grumbling about not being on the golf course. 

The doc eliminated surgery pretty quickly and we were all in agreement. Another option was to give mom local anesthesia in her wrist and set the bone. Nay. A splint was briefly discussed but the cast was the easiest and gives mom the stability in her arm and hand that she didn’t have. It does mean she’ll have to cover the cast to bathe but overall it’s perfect. 

You can see how black and blue her whole arm is and how swollen her fingers got. The stability of the cast permits her to rest with it propped up to reduce the swelling. Back in three weeks to see how it’s healing. 

We got tons of chores done, groceries in, bought some new slacks without zippers or buttons, etc etc …. 

Then I drove home. Kinda. Huge backups at GWB. Took me a full 90 minutes to get across from the first Upper and Lower split. Ugh. It doesn’t help to have all the new electronic signs either because they are never right. 

This is just before the Palisades split and that 35? Ha. It was 55. 

Oh, before I forget, mom’s computer is back to Windows 7. Easy to undo so all is well. 

Drink in hand. Feet up. I’ve been told it’s a good thing I missed Jeopardy tonight because Al Franken handily beat his two opponents. 

PS: I wore my GOP TOMS to Delaware. Huge success. The doc even noticed and gave them two stethoscopes up! Three people in the grocery store noticed and said they loved them. Yay! 

7 thoughts on “Because They Didn’t Have Hot Pink! 

  1. Very good news
    Both your moms wrist and metro north broken rails good to go!
    Friday is promising to be sunny.

  2. Good choice for the cast. What color choices did she have?

    Nothing is worse than sitting in traffic going over any bridge. There is always the jerk who is in a hurry who takes the breakdown lane to move up the line.
    Looks like rain all weekend.

    1. The rainbow of colors. Blue. Green. Purple. Red. Mom chose the offered hot pink but they came back and said there wasn’t any in stock. Hence light blue.

      I watched so much insanity in the backup. Two huge buses loaded with what looked like school athletes zoomed up the lane for the palisades then at the last second cut a hard right into the lower level line. I was surprised to see the buses in the lower level line at all but at some point they exited right before the bridge. Maybe the buses floated across????
      Yes rain Saturday and Sunday. Mess.

      1. I’m happy to hear your mom had the best of all outcomes. But, oh my, that bruise is a doozie!

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