Take This, Safelite! 

Remember I told you that the Safelite guy, without spending as much as five seconds looking at my car, gave me the Bedford Special rate, a new windshield when I didn’t need one! I knew he was full of malarkey and I also knew the job of getting the real answer should fall to one of my boys. This is pure guy territory. Enter EOS Junior, who took my car to one of his good buddies and fellow firefighter.

Sure he says. I can repair those chips. You might see a little mark leftover. I said not a problem, it’s on the passenger side.

He said How’s tomorrow? I said sure. I asked how much and he quoted me the good buddy fireman’s mother special. Deal.

It’s now tomorrow, I dropped my car off and walked to Panera where I am sitting outside with a cup of coffee, two newspapers, and content to wait until my car is ready. About 90 minutes.

I’m so glad I went with my gut instinct that the Safelite guy was conning me. Woman’s intuition is not to me messed with.


UPDATE: Repair took a little longer than ninety minutes and more of the chip is still visible than I expected to see but he gave me a guarantee and a handshake so if it doesn’t hold, I know I can go back and perhaps then I get a new windshield. For now, I’m good to drive to Delaware.

4 thoughts on “Take This, Safelite! 

  1. That’s great news. Windshield gets repaired and you get a coffee cup with coffee in it. Sounds like today is off to a good start.

    1. Trifecta. Coffee with coffee. Windshield AND budget voted down. I haven’t looked at the Mega Million numbers to see if my lucky day is continuing.

  2. I have been through this a number of times with rocks or stones on the highway being thrown up on trucks. In CT it is mandatory insurance replacement item under comprehensive coverage. They tell you it’s free. All seems good until you try to change insurance companies.

    Then your account, shared worldwide, shows repeated $650 windshield replacements, indicating you’re a crazy driver, which perhaps you are.

    1. I am not surprised to hear that. There’s little that isn’t shared worldwide anymore, insurance claims probably at the top of the must-share list. While not the whole reason for me going self-pay here, it did cross my mind replacing it through my Chubb car insurance WOULD at some point down the road (pardon the pun) be a stone’s throw from cancellation.

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