Not the Best Week for My Mom

Our family energizer bunny, coming close to her 98th birthday and still playing golf and bridge, fell the other day and broke a couple of small bones in her wrist. She feels lucky that’s all she broke because she took quite the tumble in the bathroom (her slipper got caught in a towel and she fell forward, toward the tub, and with good reflexes, she put out her hand to catch herself from hitting her head on the tub. She didn’t feel she broke anything but knew her fingers were swollen and that it hurt. An x-ray proved otherwise, she did break some tiny bones at the base of the palm.


She has an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in wrists and hands so I’m heading down to Wilmington to go with her to the doctor. We’re hoping there are alternatives to surgery, although no matter the course of remediation, it’s unlikely she can play much golf this summer. That has her pretty dismayed.

If that weren’t enough bad news, she’s ever MORE irritated that when ubiquitous and god-awful Windows 10 pop-up appeared, thinking she clicked dismiss, she clicked Install instead and now she has nothing on her home screen she recognizes. I can’t walk her through restoring the computer to an earlier date so I’m also on Tech 101 duty when I get there.


I expect to be home tomorrow night and might be out of the loop blog-wise until then. Talk amongst yourselves. 🙂

20 thoughts on “Not the Best Week for My Mom

  1. Coincidence???
    Woke up Yesterday to find Windiws 10 awaiting the CONTINUE command to install.
    I could not dismiss the process, finally pulled the plug.
    Starting up found that computer was restoring previous Windows program
    Thank God!

      1. All is still ok, I assume that W10 did not finish install, so previous version came to the rescue.
        For sure I never backed up the whole system like they advise.

  2. Sorry to hear about Mom; best wishes for a speedy return to normalcy.
    Can she use the downtime to brush up on her ukulele skills?

  3. Hi to EOS Mom- I’d adopt her if she wasn’t already taken. While waiting for the wrist to heal may she bid and make a whole bunch of 7 no-trumps. I wonder if there is some sort of brace that will permit her to practice putting to keep her hand in so to speak.

  4. Oh, I hope she is OK! My youngest son was born without a fibula and we use the most amazing orthopedic surgeon, and he is in Baltimore at Sinai–Dr. Shawn Standard. He is truly amazing, which cannot be said for many doctors these days. Prayers for her speedy recovery!

  5. So sorry to hear about your Mom. And to miss golf season just at the start of Summer. Wishing her a rapid recovery.
    Mystery at our house, too. Last night the computer just automatically began installing Windows 10 when no one was even in the room! We didn’t stop it and now the AOL is having problems. (seems to be a side-effect) How did this happen to your Mom, other readers and us, all in 24 hours?? It’s subterfuge!

    Oh here’s the story and read the comments, too. Some ideas on how to undo it.

    Can we say “Hello Cortana…”

    1. same thing happened to me last night, I thought the cat had updated my computer overnight. You can cancel it if you hit disagree when it asks you to agree/disgree with the terms and conditions. The system then reinstalled my old 7 operating system. So glad I read your blog before I started working this morning…. thank you

      1. It is do strange that 10 is choosing this week to mess up everyone’s computer. I noticed that removing 10 is asked questions, like why were you uninstalling etc. I’m sure users wrote lots of choice words in the Other box.

        Glad you are back up and running on 7 too. And thanks for popping in Brit. Long time no see.

    2. Some vitriol in those comments!! I’d say people aren’t too happy with 10 and the sneaky install. I did read that by 2020 there will not be any option to choose 7. I told my mom and she laughed. She’ll take her chances.
      I think I’ve avoided all this mess because I never choose automatic updates as my default. My settings are to ask first so j get to choose.
      Were you able to get AOL back up? What a mess!!!!

    1. I couldn’t take the whole W-AJ-Alias thing anymore. It took over the entire blog. I love W, I think he’s brilliant, but he isn’t able to understand the phrase “leave well enough alone”.

  6. I understand. I think it is AJ posting most of the time under different names, but i believe some posts are other people, not AJ.

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