Fill ‘Er Up Please

The birds made mincemeat out the entire tube of seed that had nuts and good stuff in it. They’ve pretty much left the safflower seed tube alone. I would too. Seems dry and bland.


It’s no wonder the blended mix went so quickly – look at the traffic it gets.



Then this giant guy appeared just now, right after I refilled the tube. The camera was by my side but when I went to grab it it was still tethered by cord to the computer – alas, not the best photos but decent enough to show you what does come to this feeder.



Fleeing the coop – caught him mid-escape….

No squirrels to report – hardly any mess under the feeder either so I’m very pleased so far. If the safflower seed doesn’t sell by the end of next week, I’ll bail on it and buy something else. It’s a shame to have the birds feed on one tube only.

2 thoughts on “Fill ‘Er Up Please

  1. o/t
    There has to be some point of diminishing returns at it relates to boat size – but I guess Royal Caribbean hasn’t hit it yet (fill ‘er up indeed).

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