Excuse Me Miss, I’d Like a Little Coffee with my Coffee

That time you were SURE you put the beans in the filter but then the phone rang….

Another gray and cold day, but no rain, so perfect to run into Bedford Village Elementary School and vote Hell NO to the increased Bedford School District Budget that would increase our taxes a whole hell of a lot. The Vote Yes signs in town are all emotional tugs, like Vote Yes for the Kids. Oh give me a break. Be fiscally responsible like the rest of us.

While I’m in town, I think I’ll get coffee too! 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Excuse Me Miss, I’d Like a Little Coffee with my Coffee

    1. It’s only funny for you. I don’t do funny without my morning coffee!

      I’m not sure if the budget will pass. As I said in the post, the only signs I’ve seen in town are FOR the increase and that may sway people who are on the fence or uninformed. I called my neighbors to make sure they were (a) voting and (b) voting no. But we are small in number in the backwoods of Bedford and the school district knows that we are fewer in number than those who live in Bedford Village proper.

  1. I voted NO. The lines weren’t very long but it’s early yet. Vote early and often.

    1. I’m on my way in right now.

      UPDATE: I voted No. Was interested to see so many blue haired old ladies like myself at the poll. I’m guessing that means us old timers are feeling the pinch of the high school taxes with no kids in the system. It took two seconds to vote. A half hour of gabbing with friends I only see once in a blue moon. One thing that’s good, we all voted No.

  2. I’ve been thinking about how important the empty nesters are in supporting the huge education cost by paying their RETaxes without increasing the student population.
    Towns with a population of long term home ownership would have the most benefit.
    So likewise, towns full of seniors would have minimal education budgets.

    1. I’m all for good schools in my district Flash – it attracts young homeowners who come exactly for that very reason. I’ve been supportive almost every twist and turn including large capital projects, but this was the straw that broke my back. Bedford School gets money from six towns – and each of those towns will see an increase, some as “little” as 2.4%, some as high as 6.26%. I live on a street of modest homes, with residents who have been in the same home for 40+ years. They are done raising their children, they want to stay and enjoy their home still, and the town they love, but so many are fearful of being unable to sustain the increases. What irks me the most is that the increases are all PC crap – more special ed classes because Susie’s parents were told Susie has a bona fide learning disability – the state is required to teach to Susie, even if Susie is the only child in the entire district with this particular learning disability. In my day, we were all in one class, there were the fast readers and the slow readers, there were those who needed extra math help and those who didn’t – I am sure I didn’t know the term special ed. By the way, the BOE already has a Plan B, if the town doesn’t vote for Plan A. That says they CAN and should live without an increase. Amen.

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