It’s Time for Old Mother Hubbard to Clean Out Her Cupboard! 

It’s so damn cold here today, temp in high 30’s, yes 30’s, it seemed a perfect morning for oatmeal.

It tasted more cardboardy than usual so I tipped the oatmeal container over and what’ya know..

So I went on the hunt for Cream of Wheat, no luck, but I did find Cream of Rice! Ha ha ha.

Then there are the miscellaneous boxes of organic and gluten free crap that are unopened- only bought when I made the mistake of asking houseguests if they had any food requests (note to self, don’t ask that ever again!). They are heading for the trash today. Yuck to begin with. 

But wait, here’s another box of oatmeal. Never mind….look at that date!!!!!

So I had an egg and am huddling around the fireplace with endless cups of hot coffee.  This is May??

Happy Monday, I think. 

11 thoughts on “It’s Time for Old Mother Hubbard to Clean Out Her Cupboard! 

  1. Funny post. As I start to clean out the house to move, I’m finding tons of expired foods at the back of the pantry.

    I had to get out hats and heavy jackets for the children to get to school – is is freezing.

    Agree about never asking houseguests. It’s easier to cook what you want and let the guest eat nothing than have to accommodate every gluten free vegan who comes over.

      1. Something to be said for single-serve packaging.
        Buy a few single serving verses throwing out a big box that sat on the shelf for years.

        1. The only problem with the single serve is they are the instant variety – instant oatmeal and instant cream of wheat are more inedible than stale real deal oats.

  2. When I landed at LGA last night after being in sunny and warm California I thought it was April 1 and Mother Nature was really fooling us. I had two layers of clothes on walking this morning and my face got wind chapped. It’s ridiculous.

    I believe you can buy single packs of non-instant oats and wheat. Glad is right- that’s the way to go.

      1. Not seriously. My late husband and I carved out a nice life in Greenwich and all my friends are here. I do wish I had more time with the grandchildren but for now it’s easier to fly out regularly than own a second home.

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