Are Hummingbirds Chameleons?

Yesterday, I watched a hummingbird at the feeder, curious to note that each time he moved his head, the color of his throat changed – from the ruby red of his name, to greenish, to orange, to brown. Was that really happening or was it the angle I saw the bird, a reflection from my window or the glass container holding the sugar nectar?







The photos below are an even better example of the throat color changing. Is it live or is it Memorex?






Any bird brains out there know?

14 thoughts on “Are Hummingbirds Chameleons?

      1. Nancy and Sluggo. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

        chris, thanks for the real answer too. I don’t have any feeders so I haven’t seen this prism phenomenon up-close and personal Great photos EOS – those are all through your window? Your windows must really be clean. If I took the photos, all you’d see is dirt and smears.

      2. I always thought Ernie Bushmiller was a slacker because Nancy was marginally entertaining and it didn’t look like it took the effort of, say, a Prince Valiant to produce:

        that said, I found Prince Valiant kind of boring (great graphics tho’!)

        1. Prince Valiant didn’t enter into my reading material as a young girl and I didn’t have brothers who might have selected it from the drugstore reading nook. The extent of my mind expansion was Archie, Little Lulu, Blondie and Nancy. My parents would have done well by noticing this earlier on and passing on the private school education for me. 🙄😳😁

        2. My Grandfather’s favorites were Gasoline Alley and Our Boarding House with Major Hoople. I never saw the attraction….

        3. I’ve heard of Gasoline Alley and Major Hoople but never Our Boarding House. My time spent reading comic books was quite little. I don’t remember ever buying any, so I guess I just read them at the drugstore, free.

  1. I’m enough younger that comic books were not even on my radar growing up. The only time I saw them was at my grandparents house, my grandpa had some old Superman comic books that he told us were very valuable.

    Are comic books even produced today?

  2. Curious about the hbird feeder water?
    H20+Domino sugar? Honey? Brown sugar?
    Humming birds have always been a source of amazement for their ability to hover like uber miniature helicopters while extracting nectar from delicate flowers.

    1. Water and domino sugar. 4c water. 1 c regular old white sugar. Some recipes say boil. Others not. I did and let cool a whole day at room temp. Then I filled the feeder. It’s down more than half since I put it up but I don’t know how much of that is from use and how much is evaporation. Learning curve.
      Never honey. Never brown sugar.
      Hearing them hover is just as cool as seeing them. The buzzing of their wings is a unique sound.

    1. Um, I’m thinking that guy has no life. Nice he adopted the dog but he feeds the bird every 15 minutes and kisses the bird too? I say that borders more on creepy than douche bag. I guess the good news owning a hummingbird is that bird shit cleanup is minimal. I had a friend growing up whose parents had a parakeet. They let him fly around during the day and it scared the bejesus out of me. Birds need to be outside or in a cage.

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