I Blame Beyoncé, and Other Sunday Stuff

Everyone making Lemonade?? Only one lemon left in all of Shoprite!

Dawg with telltale brown dirt nose from digging and stashing away bones!

From EarthImage – A particularly funny Sunday Smile!


And from CosHarbor, his specialty, out and about in NYC….



3 thoughts on “I Blame Beyoncé, and Other Sunday Stuff

  1. Thanks Cos for the America’s Cup photo. I was tempted to hop on the train to watch the three short course races last Sunday. But since NBS Sports was live broadcasting both video and audio from the rear decks of each boat, plus helicopters, it was better to watch on large-screen TV with beverages appropriate to the event.

    Side bonus – Lindsey Vonn guest crewing:

  2. Mid-afternoon at the supermarket. Yes, the wind had changed. The air was cooler. Sky had some gray in it. You would have thought people were preparing for a blizzard. The meat counter, the one where they take the meat out of the case, weigh it and wrap in white paper, was out of chicken breasts. The ones they didn’t have were Bell & Evans on sale for $2.99/lb. They did have Perdue ones elsewhere at buy one get one free at the miracle low price of $7.99/lb. I bought some ‘hand trimmed’ chicken breasts for tonight’s fajitas at $2.99/lb in the regular meat case and I swear they are Bell& Evans they said they didn’t have. Every check-out line was back into the aisles. Did I miss something on the news today?
    They did have lemons, though.

    1. I rarely shop on Sunday but my cupboard was nearly bare. I noticed so many men shopping, middle aged men alone. Is that pickup day at the produce? 😳 I didn’t have to cook dinner tonight – sushi delivery- but love chicken fajitas especially on a chilly day like today. Mmmmm.
      Mr. EOS commented (alright, complained) about the cold raw winds off the ocean today.
      PS: I looped back through the produce to check again for lemons and someone put a few out but they were all very soft as if they were rotten inside. I passed. I use them on my broccoli but not cooking the broccoli tonight I have tomorrow to but lemons elsewhere.

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