The Right Shoe Can Make Everything Different 

….said Jimmy Choo.
I agree!

I haven’t decided where I’ll wear them first, but I’m thinking maybe not running errands in Chappaqua. I’ll be interesting to see if anyone notices the design and if they do, if I get any comments….or red paint thrown on them. 

Meanwhile, it’s a beautiful sunny morning to be out in the yard but I hear the Rains of Ranchipur are due this afternoon and into the night. I’ve never seen the yard so green, everything is flourishing – plus the birds are queued up in the lilac bushes waiting their turn at the feeder. It’s like Grand Central Terminal.

Happy Saturday one and all.

8 thoughts on “The Right Shoe Can Make Everything Different 

  1. the lark, that tirra-lyra chants
    with heigh! with heigh! the thrush and the jay

    Yup, it’s that kind of day! with thanks to Shakespeare! Bibi

    1. What a beautiful verse Bibi. Thanks. I looked at the Weather Channel map and sadly the tirra-lyra in the sky is going to be a thing soon forgotten.

    1. Ya know Flash that’s a terrific question. I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t look the country of origin but I’ll bet my red white and blue it’s not USA. I’ll be right back.

      I’m back. Guess what????? Made in China. So I guess it’s guilt from having them made in China that drives their initiative to donate? I’m so disillusioned. Darn. Darn. Darn.

      1. It is very possible that the United red and blue is the creation of ‘the art of the deal’ maker. I wish we could get to the bottom of that shoe. This is the kind of problem that drives my curiosity.

        1. TOMS website addresses the fact the shoes are not made in the USA.

          s we’ve disclosed previously in our Giving Report, our shoes are made in China, Ethiopia and Argentina. We are aware of the challenges associated with overseeing a global supply chain and our global staff actively manages and oversees our suppliers and vendors to ensure that our corporate responsibility standards are upheld. On an annual basis, we require our direct suppliers to certify that the materials incorporated into our products are procured in accordance with all applicable laws in the countries they do business in, including laws regarding slavery and human trafficking. We also clearly define appropriate business practices for our employees and hold them accountable for complying with our policies, including the prevention of slavery and human trafficking within our supply chain.

  2. Don’t do that! Don’t you know it’s very bad luck!!!!
    Why is it bad luck to put new shoes on the table?
    Quick Answer

    While the origin of this superstition is unknown, one version says putting new, unused shoes on a table is bad luck because new shoes were traditionally put on the dead while they laid on a table. Therefore, putting new shoes on the table could bring about bad luck or death

    ****I wish you good luck****and that will break the spell!!!

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