Yay! Things are Hummin’ Along.


How the hummingbird KNEW this feeder was here is beyond me. Do they smell the rose nectar????

Plenty of birds at the seed feeders, mostly what you’d expect, finches and chickadees and a small woodpecker. They are harder to photograph because the minute I get in their peripheral vision, they fly away. And there’s that whole thing about me taking out-of-focus photos. Herewith nonetheless.



From reader Martha, photo taken by her older son, baby robins, a face only a mother could love!



16 thoughts on “Yay! Things are Hummin’ Along.

  1. I think your focus is pretty decent! Focusing on a bird is tough!

    You may recall my general disdain for birds: waking me up at absurd hours, pooping all over my patio, pecking holes in my soffits, killing my birch tree. But, I might just have to invest in a hummingbird feeder. Maybe outside the school room window.

    I should send you my sons (iPhone) photo of the newly hatched robins in their nest. Very ugly in a cute way 🐣 Now we are waiting to see them fledge.

    1. Birds do all those things. In RI swallows build an annual nest under the front porch eave. They ruin the porch floor and scare the bejesus out of guests who aren’t aware of the nest when the mama swallow goes into kamikaze mode.
      Do you and your boys watch any of the explore.org live cams? The Eagles in Iowa and the Hawks in Maine are both excellent. The oldest eaglets pecked a younger sibling to death so lots of live nature to watch.

      1. No, we haven’t, but that is an excellent resource. Thanks. Our first year of homeschooling we studied birds (goes along with obedience), and Eldest became so engulfed. He basically self educated himself and to this day, can out-talk the Audubon guys!

        Thanks for putting his photo up, I think it made him proud! (the first one he took the other day, with one bird and two eggs was painfully blurry)

        1. Birds goes along with obedience? I’ll need to take your homeschooling classes to see that link. Because baby birds do what their mommies tell them?
          Happy to post photo!!!! We do blurry here too.

    1. Benny Hill was on Swiss television when we lived there. If you think he’s funny in English, wait till you hear him dubbed is Swiss German or Swiss Italian!!!

  2. Now you better keep that Humming bird feeder, it’s working. All your feeders are really working. What a good variety of pretty birds for your first day! I thought you only fed the bird in the winter when there isn’t much for them to eat?
    I luv the baby robins in the nest pic too, tell your son, Martha. He got a great shot/angle!

    1. It is working but I still don’t like it. The connection point at the bottom isn’t very good so moving it makes the nectar leak.
      I prefer feeding the birds in the summer when it’s easy to get at the feeders to refill and clean them. I’m not as enamored of doing that when there are three foot snow drifts.

        1. I have not heard of them but I like what I see. One of their hummingbird feeders is what I really wanted in the first place – no fuss, no muss, no leaking. Thanks for the Home Shopping tip!

          PS: I’m still laughing at the missing ‘House’ word at that ‘other’ blog; darn that CF fixed it. It was a drink spew moment.

        2. Yeah, the missing ‘House’ was a boo-boo; I’m glad someone thought it funny (probably triggered some others) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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