Smile for the Birdie

I’m trying another round of birdfeeders – the last few I had I didn’t like. This year I went simple, plus I am staking them out back (previously in the front, so looking out the kitchen I could see the birds).



As you can see, I haven’t filled them with seed yet, I’m still positioning and straightening them. The bottom pole has an auger ability to it and it needs to be quite deep into the ground. Then there’s a stabilizer set of feet to keep it upright. Because the bed I’ve put this in has a little slope, I have to use rocks to stabilize it completely.

I know I know, you are all going to tell me the squirrels the squirrels are going to get to it because it’s so close to the stone wall. That is true but I think I’d rather shoot a few squirrels and have the feeders where I sit every day then have them far enough away from where the squirrels can climb up and never get to enjoy seeing the birds.

I bought a hummingbird feeder too that I don’t like at all. I went to exchange it yesterday and the store was so crowded (one person working to help all the customers) I left and figured I’ll keep it and get another one later. The problem is that the crook I had isn’t sturdy enough to hold this particular feeder so for now its propped into a niche of the stone wall until I can find a better way to hang it. I may end up putting the hummingbird feeder out front because, although you can’t see it in this photo) the backside of the stone wall is tall so the crook doesn’t have enough height. If I put it in a bed up front It’ll be high enough, and away from the other feeders.


More when I am done and the feeders are in their full and upright position for the flight! 🙂

Staked, propped, loaded, and ready….



Redux……..Note to the Three Blind Mice…. I have a carving knife!!


9 thoughts on “Smile for the Birdie

  1. I had a version of your hummingbird feeder that I threw away. It leaked from the base like a sieve. It was a Walmart special for $9.99. Shoulda known better. The best hummingbird feeders are the simple tray that you can buy anywhere for cheap. Your yard and gardens look beautiful.

    1. Leaks like a sieve is the understatement. Just carrying it from the house to the crook it dripped sugar water all over the kitchen floor. I had to mop it up before it attracted ants! It is poorly constructed where it is connected to the base. I paid more than $9.99 for it so I am going to use it for a bit until the nectar is gone then revisit the right feeder. This one is also heavy and the crook is light so it took several stones to prop up the crook. Not the right match yet.

      1. One word……glue
        Schmeared all over the base

        Love bird feeders but watch out for the mice!! attracted to the spilt seed all over the ground

        1. I’ve heard that tip about the glue. I keep thinking it’s rather ironic I’m reintroducing birdfeeders at the same time I’m trying to kill mice. Ha ha ha.

  2. We gave up on hummingbird feeders because they attracted too many bees. There are feeders that say they are bee-resistant. They are not.

  3. I gave up on bird feeders when I heeded warnings about their attraction to black bears. This was in northern New England. That and the fact I’m too lazy to fill bird feeders.

    1. Bears have made their way here too. Spotted in parts of Bedford.
      There are more cons to having bird feeders than pros, including having to buy and store seed AND remembering to refill the feeders too! 🙂 I’ll see how long mine last before I sell them on Craigslist or bring them to RI.

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