Do You Accept Pets?

Oh great, I see your bathrooms have lovely showers! Swell.



Dawg and I are going to have to vacate the Bedford manse for a few days, the stench from whatever crawled up inside one of the walls and died is so overwhelming that we can’t stay. I’d zoom up to RI except that Dawg can’t take a car ride for three minutes without throwing up, let alone three hours. None of the kids can take Dawg, either because of where they live or their jobs, so we’ll find a friend to take us in or go to a hotel.

I have a call into the pest control company I used for years to see if they do any search and removal, which I fear is going to require opening up a wall or two to find the carcass. The smell of animal death has permeated the whole house and no amount of trying to eliminate the smell with a home remedy has worked. Not bleach. Not vinegar. Not any specialized odor remover jars. Not coffee grounds. Not all of the above at once. I’m also going to call Chubb to see if this is something I can file as a claim because I GUARANTEE you, this is going to be a fairly big undertaking (pardon the pun!). Plus I think Chubb will pay for my room if I have to evacuate. Hey, I don’t pay those huge insurance premiums for nothing! I only look stoopid.

If you are in Bedford and see an old lady and her old dog sitting on the street corner begging for Tubman’s, do help out. Meanwhile I have every window and door open even though it’s still darn chilly this morning. Ugh. Take me away Calgon.


Garrie Pest Control is coming between 11 and 2 today to help me decide the best course of action. Mr. EOS is of the mind that it’s better to determine where and how the critter(s) getting in and kill the bastards from the outside before they make it up and in the walls. For a few years we had a remediation contract with Garrie – bait boxes filled with a poison that killed the rodents (or whatever) before they came in. I stopped that program maybe two years ago for a couple of reasons – one had to do with the EPA banning the use of the bait box poison within a certain radius of your home. I blogged about it when it happened and I’ll go look in a bit and post the link here.

I am of the opinion that the interior walls the critters are getting into can be filled with a foam insulation to stop their entrance altogether, rather than starting another bait program. Mr. EOS doesn’t agree saying we need to treat the problem. More as I know.

UPDATE TWO – 1:50pm

The Garrie guy was here for well over an hour, using a camera on a long wire to see behind walls and under things.Nothing. Then he went into the dreaded crawlspace from hell, the one that during the last house renovation, we had the entire underneath of the house spray foamed. There is where the pest guy feels is the epicenter of the problem and where the mice are getting in. Because the mice now can’t find a way up and into the master bedroom wing of the house, they mosey under and over to the kitchen wing, into those walls to nest. He suggested an abatement plan that really centers inside the crawlspace using tons of killer bait balls (yea chemicals!). They are also going to spray the walls of the cinder block foundation because he said mice love to make nests in the hollows of the cinder blocks. The plan is a more detailed than my explanation but in talking to Mr. EOS on the phone while the guy was here, he’s in agreement this is the best approach. It’s only a matter of forking over the dough and scheduling an appointment. I’ll have to see if I can rob Peter again to pay Paul or else I’ll be paying the piper, or something like that.

I’m heading out now, to return a dopey hummingbird feeder I bought that was as stupid a configuration as is humanly possible – way too convoluted. Then I am going to treat myself to a Carvel cone. Yes I am! I might even post a photo of it. Yay me!

PS: I asked the pest guy if he smelled much when he came in the house and he said he did not, until I opened the one kitchen cupboard. So the good news is that the good weather and the opportunity to leave all the windows and doors open has abated the smell enough that we cancelled our reservation at the Bates Motel and have decided to stay. Good news.

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  1. I’m leaving for California today and welcome you to Greenwich with Dawg. It’s not big or fancy but I have a small yard for Dawg and you can walk into town. Email me for details.
    Good luck.

    1. Jane, that is very generous of you to offer up your home. Thank you!! As I said to Swanton, my neighbor is the nicest person on the planet and I am sure she and her husband will welcome me. She’s very southern so I also hope to be fed well (just kidding, but she IS a fabulous cook!).

  2. If you had one of those mini houses in the back yard you could move in there for a few days. I have no idea what is the source of that godawful smell but hope you’re able to clear the air very soon.

    1. Great idea but I am sure my next door neighbor will take us in- they know and love Dawg and are also empty nesters, hence a room at the inn for the two of us.
      The fact that the odor permeates the whole house is what is the most disturbing. If it were only in one room I could close off doors and deal with it until it dissipates. I’m sure it’s a squirrel or chipmunk. Mmmmm, dinner! 🙂

  3. Ugh, what a pain. I’m sorry to hear Dawg gets carsick! Adding a dog to our family is on the “someday” list. With travels and husband being “allergic” (I think it is mental and can be overcome, especially with a hypoallergenic breed), it seems far off. Although I have been hearing the call more lately. One thing I’d never considered was having a fuzzball that gets carsick–I wonder if there is a way to avoid that? Getting them used to it from the start, perhaps? We venture a lot in the car, so that would have a major impact on our lifestyle. Too bad you can’t put one of those wristbands on her paw!🐶

    1. Dawg has been carsick since she was a puppy. We’ve tried all sorts of methods to make her more comfortable – from sitting her up higher to buying a sling to opening all the windows to you name it, except putting on a wristband! Great idea!! No matter what we try, she begins to whine, then gag, then puke very quickly. Yesterday I took her just to Bedford Hills and it was the longest 10 minutes of her (and my) life. I had to come right home, she was that uncomfortable. My Iowa friends with the boxer travel everywhere with Lucy and she loves the car. Most dogs do. I feel badly for Dawg that she hates the car but I feel worse that I leave the house and she looks longingly at me as if to say, please can’t I go along?

      I’ve never been without a dog but I do think that when Dawg dies (she’s already 15), this will be our last four-legged family member. Sigh.

  4. My experience with Chubb: they love to take your money. Make a claim? Thank you for your business. We can no longer insure you.

      1. We do that with regularity in RI. Here, I’d be afraid a newbie neighbor would turn me in and I’d be on the front page of the Record Review: Bedford Mom Slays Only Known Transgender Mouse with Ruger. Death Penalty Sought.

  5. Condolences. I know that smell. Some wayward critter crawled into an inaccessible space under my house and died. My sinuses rebelled and stuffed everything up – but I consoled myself by thinking it was a natural phenomenon, not some noxious chemical leak with multiple nasty carbon chains. The good news is that once nature took its course and the space was aired out, I never smelled it again.

    Have you tried stuffing Dawg’s head through the sunroof for all those good roadside aromas?

    1. That’s the problem here too. The wall we think the critter has crawled up has no crawl space or basement under it. I have all the windows and doors open today helping for the short term but when I open the kitchen cabinet where all this started, the stink is still there.
      I did tell Mr. EOS to sue the EPA if I died overnight from the stench.
      If only Dawg would enjoy the sunroof. She never sticks her head out of the window. Her fear or her worry about the car overwhelms her. She basically cowers and cries. I feel like such a heel taking her anywhere but I keep hoping she’ll have one fun ride and be okay. At 15, I’m going out on a limb and saying that ain’t gonna happen.

  6. If you stay in the house, how are we ever going to know what your neighbor the good southern cook prepared for you?

    I have an update myself: we went into contract for our house, after a year on the market we got two people interested at the same time. A gift out of nowhere. It’s a good thing it happened because we robbed Peter so many times there wasn’t any left to pay Paul (aka Bedford school taxes!). We’re going to move out of the district, uprooting our children because the new school budget will pass next week and school taxes will go up even more. We’ve had it. We can’t move to Wyoming like Catherine but we can send a message to Bedford Central Schools that they can’t keep spending money we taxpayers don’t have. Have a large Carvel cone!!

    1. AWESOME NEWS BEDFORD MOM!!!! Who doesn’t love a bidding war.
      I’m voting NO for the school budget. It’s a heinous increase and they are fiscally irresponsible to even think they can ask for so much more. I’ve only seen YES signs in town so I’m sure it will pass. Bravo to make your statement by moving. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision but I understand and respect your choice to stand up against pure insanity.
      PS: I meant to ask, are you staying in New York or crossing the border into Connecticut?

      1. Take a look at your town’s annual report. How many are employed by the school department and what are their jobs? A little heavy on support services and administration? But, hey, it’s for the children….
        Best wishes for Bedford Mom in her new community.

        1. We’re regular readers of the town budget and actually read all the school budget too. The towns have been quite good at being fiscally responsible. It’s the damn school district that doesn’t want to cut a thing. The fliers sent out would have you believe if the new budget isn’t passed all the elementary librarians will be cut. It’s a flat out lie to get to people’s emotions rather than really seeing the numbers.

      2. We are looking in both New York and Connecticut towns, commuting to NYC still prime in the search. My husband works long hours and doesn’t want to add a long drive after the train ride. We’re priced out of the Greenwich market so we might look in Stamford. Also Bronxville. Connecticut isn’t that much cheaper in the overall scope. We’re downsizing appreciably which complicates the search in towns with good public schools. Thanks for the support. We know we’re doing the right thing but it isn’t easy on the children to be uprooted. One day at a time.

        1. You might want to reconsider Greenwich. There are many homes that won’t break the bank in communities where you can walk the children to school and the train station is right there too. Holler if you want me to recommend a realtor there. I know the best one. Bronxville is a good choice too but I don’t think you’d get out from under a huge tax bill. I believe they have some of the highest taxes in all of Westchester. Keep us posted.

        2. Also, remember that Stamford taxes are pretty high, more than twice Greenwich, Darien or New Canaan. Plus, in Stamford, you need private school, or homeschool–but then those high taxes hurt worse when you’re not even using the schools. We figured (before we had any thoughts about homeschooling) a house in Greenwich would save $1,000,000 in taxes and private school costs over the 12 years for both boys. That makes it relatively affordable. I’d rather build equity in the house than spend on taxes and tuition.

        3. Martha: thank you for your common sense approach. I wish I had the patience to homeschool our children but it’s not my strongsuit so good public schools are a must. I know Stamford does not but there are pockets of Stamford that are in the Greenwich school district. We are even looking in New Jersey now since my husband works downtown. In a perfect world we’d move out of the east coast altogether but for now that’s not possible.

        4. The toughest part of your search is where to find the best public schools. With Obama’s DOJ sending a letter to every public school telling them they must permit transgender students to choose the bathroom of the gender they align with or else lose federal funding, you might want to join forces with Martha and homeschool.

  7. So, Mr Exterminator is convinced the smell is that of rotting mice? Just how many Minnies and Mickeys crawled in that space to cause such a stink?
    The good news is that you have a solution and you don’t have to leave Dodge.
    On a different note- we had a Siberian Husky who tolerated long car rides but with her mouth firmly closed the entire way. Drool, drool, drool. All our other dogs loved car trips and looked forward to a fast food cheeseburger en route. One such drive thru on our regular trips north gave out milk bones.
    If the right numbers ( mine) come up tonight, do I get a boat large enough for a Newfie or a smaller one for a Lab?

    1. The exterminator thinks that just one critter got stuck in a wall and died. He said it only takes one to stink up the joint. The good news is the weather has been cooperating to leave all doors and windows open. I also think I hurt the stink process by my home brewed odor eliminators. At some point I could distinguish the foul odor of the dead mouse from the odor absorbing jar I had from the bleach from the vinegar from the candle from the cloves. I had a regular potpourri of smells that contributed to the nauseating total effect.
      If your lottery numbers came up, why choose? Get two boats!!!

    1. That posted perfectly and wow, you aren’t kidding. What genius to be able to animate Lego’s, then to add the famous chip-in. That’s talent.

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