When They Said ‘The Tesla is Done’, For a Split Second I Thought Grand Theft Auto Isn’t Too Bad a Felony!

Combine the first perfectly sunny day with the grand opening of the much larger all-new and relocated Splash carwash, you get long long lines and quite a wait, but the wait was worth it because this sweet Tesla Model X got lots of oooh and aaahs from the customers and lots of pampering from the attendants.



The woman who owns it was sitting on the bench and as soon as she said it was hers, many of us had 1001 questions.

These are HER answers so her usage etc.

How far does it go on a charge? About 260 miles.

What was the cost for the at-home charging station? A couple of thousand.

How does it drive? Like a dream, very tight turning radius, very peppy, very smooth and comfortable ride.

Are the falcon* doors ever a problem? No, they open and close smoothly with a button, as do all the doors.

Is there much storage? Surprisingly yes, she said. Under the front hood is the most. Then she added she doesn’t use the Tesla as her primary teen-carrying vehicle, all of whom are into sports – that she said was a Suburban.

I thought the car was stunning, especially the red color – not cherry red but not burgundy. Just a good red red. The price $80k, give or take.

Then I looked at the Car and Driver review. Interesting, and not so complimentary. I’ve only cut and paste two paragraphs so head to the link for the full review and more photos.

It’s called the Tesla Model X, but it should probably be called “Elon’s Headache.” Behold, finally, Tesla’s two-and-a-half-ton electric sport-utility vehicle that shows, in Elon Musk’s own words, that “I think we got a little carried away.” There are those much-ballyhooed “falcon wing” motorized doors with their multiple hinges and a brace of ultrasonic and capacitive sensors to prevent disaster; the self-opening and -closing front doors; the “monoposto” middle-row seats that put their passengers on stout, movable pedestals; a massive wrap-over windshield that necessitated the world’s most unnecessarily complicated sun visors; and a HEPA cabin filter that, says company founder Elon, creates “hospital operating room cleanliness in the car.”

How does the X drive? Like the Tesla Model S on which much of the parts below the floor are based. Spear-sharp steering and governed body roll make for a grace that utterly belies the extra thousand pounds on the Model X’s back. Owners of a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S would recognize the way the car’s acceleration squishes all six (or seven, depending on the configuration) passengers into their seats—and the way it seems to flaunt physics.

All of the doors, from the front to the hatchback, open and close at the push of a button. The falcon doors, attached to a massive magnesium spine for rollover protection, motor in a leisurely fashion, rising in an arc determined by the proximity of obstacles as detected by the many sensors. Even when there are no cars or people or posts around, it’s not a fast movement, so your entrance is like that of a Broadway star waiting for the curtain to rise. Tesla says the doors extend outward by just 11.8 inches. We weren’t able to take the X on the freeway or open the doors in a downpour to see how well they seal. Tesla is leaving that to the car’s first beta testers . . . er, customers.

*Question for you car peeps: Must Tesla call them *falcon doors because gullwing is proprietary term to Mercedes?

I think I could own this car but I’m not sure how comfortable it is for a granny to get in and out. The woman who owns it was young and lithe. Duh.

Who’s going to order one?? Cobra, is that you with your hand up?



30 thoughts on “When They Said ‘The Tesla is Done’, For a Split Second I Thought Grand Theft Auto Isn’t Too Bad a Felony!

  1. To answer your question (from The Motley Fool)

    Not gull wing doors
    Musk is always quick to emphasize that the falcon-wing doors on the Model X, which move upward before swinging outward, are not gull-wing doors.

    “The falcon-wing doors are double-hinged,” Musk said this week during an interview this week in Hong Kong with CNN anchor Kristie Lu Stout at the 2016 StartmeupHK Venture Forum. “That’s why we call them ‘falcon wing’ instead of ‘gull wing.'”

    Musk’s care to differentiate them from gull-wing doors is justified. The falcon-wing doors were designed with far more than aesthetics in mind. Indeed, the design is centered on the user — with aesthetics as a nice bonus.

    1. Thanks!!!!! I somehow knew you’d be the first up with the answer. Only problem, you didn’t answer question two…. You gonna buy one?? (Presuming $ were no object like the lucky son of a bitch who won the whole PB Saturday!)

    2. They don’t interest me, more bloated looking than the Model S and full of ready to fail technology (that said, I can easily drive to HQ and get ’em to fix it). They remind me of the phrase that was given to the Prius: “an appliance to drive”.

      1. Interesting. That’s two of you for the Nay column.

        I haven’t seen one on the road with the wings down. Do they look too flattened in the back? The lines are wrong? Looked pretty to me with wings up.

        1. I’ve seen a half dozen or so around Palo Alto and they just look, to me, big and formless, like the chubby rodent Pikachu

          I’ll still lust for the Porsche Macan.

        2. Okay, I’m seeing the resemblance. Perhaps I was taken by the Model X because it wasn’t an Audi, Lexus, or Range Rover, all of which are ubiquitous in 10506 land.
          I don’t know the Macan. How is that pronounced, like May-Can or like the city in Georgia, Macon? Or neither.

        3. They say “Muh-con” in the Porsche video. It is a cousin/sibling to your Q5 – but jampacked with Porsche goodness.

  2. I’ve been seeing these around town (Greenwich) for a couple of months. Hideous, hideous, hideous.

  3. I don’t think there’s any problem getting in or out of the car but I can name a whole lot of other cars I’d rather get in and out of. Nice color, though.
    Shame about the drawing Saturday night. I suppose I should be happy I won $8.00- but I’m not.

    1. $8???? Did you have two numbers?? I didn’t have a one. Not a one.
      I bought a PB ticket today thinking everyone has given up on it since the big haul. I can do $40m.

  4. I’m not a car person and I join the others in saying Nay. I wouldn’t say hideous but agree with Swanton that for the money, there are other cars I’d rather own.

    1. Eh, not for me. I’m embarrassed to admit this but the best car I ever owned and would buy again in a heartbeat was a loaded Chevy Suburban. My Mamma Bones are showing. I wouldn’t bother with the Escalade. The Suburban is good enough for me.

  5. I think the X looks like a SUV when I see them around town and I do see them. We are on the list for the 3, not sure how many years till we actually have to decide if we want one. We did hear Elon Musk speak this past year and he is impressive. The whole Space X business is revolutionary.
    The Elon Musk story is very interesting. We listened to the audio version, of course in our car, (an Audi) on a long road trip.

    1. Do you have to plunk down moola when putting yourself on the list for the X? If yes, is it non refundable? If no, then how would Tesla have any idea if the number of orders is real or not?
      I too am fascinated by Musk’s story. He doesn’t take no for an answer which is why he’s gotten so far.

  6. Yes, you put down Moola to be on the list for the 3 (not the X). If you cancel the reservation you get all the money back and if you get the car, you can put your hold deposit towards the purchase price. We did it quickly on line that Thurs. he announced the car. I couldn’t believe that people were standing in lines around the block at some Tesla places to make a reservation.

    1. SB: Will you have to install a Tesla home charging station and are they transportable to another home if you move?

        1. Interesting. Is Tesla’s charging station proprietary? I know that “other” electric cars can’t charge at the Tesla stations in I-95 and the Merritt. The Model X owner said her home charging station was about $2k. Your article has stations costing quite a bit less which made me assume the Tesla station is the only one you can install.

        2. From one of my kids, a cool video of all that theX does. I hope your 3 is equally smart. Do I have to preorder my ride with you?? 😀

    2. The WSJ has an article on the 3 today, the commenters not taking too kindly to Musk’s approach. I don’t know if this link will get you through the paywall.

      The comment with the most upticks says this:
      This guy is the king of Crony Capitalism. The PT Barnum of auto manufacturers.

      This is all based on Tax breaks and Tax incentives and Government grants.

      he builds electric cars for rich guys that want to feel socially responsible.

  7. I have no interest in Tesla’s. I’m firmly an internal combustion kind of guy. The more cubic inches the better.

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