EOS Garden Described In Horticultural Terms

No sun. No flowers. Closed up tighter than a crab’s ass! 

The peonies are waiting and waiting and waiting…



The rose bushes are weeping from lack of sunshine…


The glads are peeping out, looking like they will bloom at some point this summer.


Of course, what IS blooming is weed…………


The only bright light in the garden is the lilac, in full bloom. I’m going to cut large bunches to place around the house – they are one of my favorites.


Heavy fog this morning but burning off – but no hope of sunshine whatsoever.

No news to report otherwise. Oh wait, I recorded the PBS American Masters special on Janis Joplin and watched half of it last night. She was such a troubled soul but out of that pain grew such an amazing voice. If you can find it to record, do.

Happy Saturday all, Derby Party celebrants included. I’m going to root for SuddenBreakingNews – the least stupid horse name of the entrants this year. Plus I liked his orange and white diamond silks.



19 thoughts on “EOS Garden Described In Horticultural Terms

    1. Yes!!! This is one of the first years we are not at THE party in RI thrown by neighbors for nigh into 60 years. The party is over so to speak, got too crowded, filled with people old timers didn’t know anymore. Sad that it ended but perhaps someone will start a new trend!

  1. I watched the Janis Joplin special and wept. She had a miserable existence in terms of being accepted, even up to the last letter she wrote her parents (I hope I’m not giving anything away if you haven’t watched the whole thing). You were one of the lucky ones to see her perform live. I can’t think of anyone like her today.

    1. I watched the rest of it this morning and I gotta say my feelings were identical to yours. I ached for the pain she felt of being dismissed as a child and teen. The steady flow of men and no real friends. No wonder her music was soulful. It’s an exceptional tv special. I asked my children to record and watch it but I’m not sure they can really understand Janis not having also experienced the 1960s.

    1. Deal. Exaggerator was the only other horse name that l looked at. With the Triple Crown achieved last year, 2016’s run is kinda ‘meh’.
      Cool to KNOW someone who hosts a real deal Derby party in Kentucky. That trumps our event!!

  2. I watched the Janis Joplin special the night it aired and I still can’t get the song Me and Bobby McGee out of my head.

  3. Driving along and listening to the Bob Dylan station on Pandora yesterday, out of the blue came Janis singing a version of Me and Bobby McGee I had never heard before. Her voice sounded almost sweet. Yes, I know that’s hard to believe. I missed the special last night but will check to see if and when it repeats or is on Apple TV.
    Fog all day long here and temperature never got out of the 40’s. Our garden is struggling. No lilacs in bloom yet.
    Who would give a horse a name that sounds like NyQuil?

    1. No way. I mean what a coincidence!!! The special aired last week but I’m sure there are any numbers of repeats. It’s well worth watching.
      No lilacs yet? Are you that far behind me?
      ALL the horse names are pitiful. No classic names. Even the stable names are stupid as heck. The owners are more international than old blue bloods. It’s a very different sport. Not bad, just different.

    2. The horse Nyquist is named after an ice hockey player. The owner of the horse owns a NHL team. All his horses are named for his players

  4. I’m watching the Derby pre-show and can’t stomach the TV personalities. Skaters Tara and Johnny are cute but irrelevant to the sport. They need to stick to covering skating. Johnny is wearing an I Dream of Jeannie cap and feather with gold nail polish. I guess NBC is trying to make the Derby appeal to everyone. It’s not working.

  5. I rather like Gun Runner for a name in the Derby.
    Yes, spring is really late here. There was one nasty, bitterly cold day below 0 this winter and it may have done in a few plants but we won’t know for sure until it warms up.
    Another great song from my era sung by an unusual voice is Arlo Guthrie’s City of New Orleans. Willie does a good job with that song as well.
    Hey- it’s 5:00 time to find those julep cups.

    1. The godmother to one of my children was raised in the south and for his birthday every year she gave him a monogrammed julep cup! It was a great gift.

  6. EOS – What’s up with horitculture title? And why hasn’t anyone else mentioned it? Guess they’re all too polite.

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