Dawg’Gone Good! Four Paws Up!

A family in Katonah started a new company making and selling Dawg food that is just like how I make my own – basic ingredients, no salt, no additives – nothing but real food. I knew about them a few months ago, calling them has been on my radar since then and I finally got around to meeting the owner Alex last week.

Meet the Heelers Made Fresh Family:


From their website: 

Hi this is Alex, Alexa, Sabrina, Rosie, and Buster Amoriello! We are so happy to share with you Heelers Made Fresh homemade dog food.

We started our company in January of 2016 after Buster our Australian Cattle Dog (Also called the “Heeler” because, as a herding breed, they are known for nipping at the heels of the cattle to help corral them), got very picky with eating store food. He refused to eat any foods that did not seem right to him, even foods that claimed to be the best. Conflicted, we decided to make fresh homemade food for Buster. Turns out he absolutely loved it! We spent many months thereafter perfecting our recipes. We carefully researched for foods that were highly nutritional, safe for daily consumption, and truly enjoyable to eat!

Our dog literally jumps up onto the counter and whimpers for his food as we prepare it for him. And we’ve definitely noticed the difference of feeding him our food. Buster’s coat is shinier, his eyes are bright and clear, his mind is alert, and he jumps higher than ever catching frisbees, and chasing us in the snow!!

We’ve opened our food company so that other people can see the same happiness with their dog(s).

Our ingredients are simple: Poultry and Beef, Vegetables, Rolled Oats, Egg, and Olive Oil. That’s it! Our unique steam cooking method locks in all of the nutrients and natural flavors of the food. Your dog will absolutely love the taste; and you can feel great knowing that not only is your pooch eating the absolute very best, but by buying our product, you are also supporting your local New York state farmer.

Our homemade dog food is handcrafted in small batches, and offered in glass mason jars or vacuum sealed packages. The wide mouth jars are great for scooping without making a mess, and are convenient for warming and refrigeration! The vacuum sealed packages are great for storing and fresh freezing our foods.

Heelers Made Fresh is located in Katonah, New York, and we are proud to support our New York state farmers. All of our produce, vegetables, meats, eggs, and oats are grown and raised locally. We are dedicated to providing the finest quality food made from organic, and GMO free ingredients. Our all natural dog food contains NO preservatives, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals, or additives.

We’ve dedicated Heelers Made Fresh to Buster, and all of the wonderful dogs in New York that we call a son, daughter, sister, brother; and without question, our very best friend! Enjoy in good health!!

With Love,

The Amoriello Family

Please feel free to contact us at any time:
Heelers Made Fresh, LLC
8 Oak Road
Katonah, NY 10536

I emailed him to ask what he might have ready to purchase and (a) he responded very promptly, yay!) and (b) said he was making a fresh batch of his chicken mix that would be ready between 2-3pm in the afternoon. I agreed to buy five pounds of the chicken and he offered to put it in five one-pound vacuumed sealed bags that are freezable. Yes.

The ingredients are very simple – chicken, chicken liver, sweet potato, green beans, oats, egg, and olive oil,


I put three in the freezer and kept two out.


First try, Dawg ate around the green beans, chomping down everything else. Next try I took out most of the green beans and she woofed it all down. I gradually kept more green beans in and this morning she ate it as is, green beans and all. I don’t normally put green beans in anything I cook for Dawg so she wasn’t used to their taste or texture. But I guess now beans are okay.

I bought this product for a few reasons. Mostly, I LOVE supporting local mom and pop businesses and I do get tired of making my own stew for Dawg. This makes a happy alternative for those weeks I don’t have the time or interest in making beef or chicken stew here.

Heelers  is registered with the State of New York, they have a commercial kitchen and the parents are teaching their daughters Business 101 as well – the girls help with the website, the marketing, and managing the money. Awesome!

The Heelers food isn’t cheap but I didn’t expect such quality to be cheap and honestly, you all know me well enough to know I rarely care what something good costs. I paid $65 for the five pounds. I asked Alex if he was thinking of selling the dog food to local pet shops and he said at this point no because he’d have to lower his price to a wholesale level that he doesn’t feel is doable. He brings his product to local farmers markets and hopes some good press will help him find new clients.

Dawg gives it a Four Paws Up review! She’s asked me to hurry up and buy their beef variety!


8 thoughts on “Dawg’Gone Good! Four Paws Up!

    1. Yes, but I wasn’t willing to go through all the paperwork, time, and money to get NY certified and also pay for a commercial kitchen. It’s MUCH easier for me to support the Heelers Family.

  1. I wish I knew about them before now. How did you learn about them?

    Our oldest dog is finding it difficult to eat much else than what I make for her but with so little time between the movers here and the house empty and the dogs freaking out, I would have bought this in a flash. Wishing them lots of good luck in the community.

    1. I read an article online about them in the Bedford Daily Voice (?). I favorited the page, kept telling myself I needed to call them, and finally got around to it.

      How are the dogs getting to Wyoming, especially your aged Corgi? Will she/he be able to take a long car ride?

      I’m hoping the rain stops for your actual moving day. I’d hate your last memories of dear Bedford to be this miserable weather.

      1. A neighbor is keeping both dogs at her house until we get to Wyoming then John called in a favor chit to get a former colleague with a plane to fly the dogs out. Neither could take the long car ride. I hope they take the move okay.

        1. What a great gift for the dogs. I am available to fly out as their companion. I’ll even include a bag of Heelers chicken, free!! 😀😀

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