Breaking News: It’s Raining!

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Feeling like a drowned rat, watching the weeds in my garden grow taller than the plants, Dawg all fussypants not being outside all day, and to add to the joy of this rainy Friday, something crawled up and died in the wall behind one of my kitchen cabinets. An animal? Who knows but the stench is practically unbearable. It’s not bad food. It’s not trash that needs to be taken out. The odor is singularly from one cabinet and to my eye, nothing is in there.

It’s the cabinet where all the I’ll buy that and use it twice things go and where I occasionally hide a bag of chips and swear I haven’t had chips for ages! Who me?

I’m boiling a pan of cinnamon sticks and cloves and opened an odor eater jar.


Yes, that’s a Ninja juicer. My old Jack LaLanne Power Juicer is in the pantry. Ha!

‘Twixt and ‘tween being the Odor Whisperer, I also ran a series of tests on my well water this morning because I swear the taste of the water has changed dramatically since they pulled up the well pump. Bad enough for me to call the well guys back here to discuss. Dawg won’t drink tap water anymore – she must smell or taste a difference too. We smell chlorine but not one test strip says there’s an ounce of chlorine in the water. The well guys said they don’t even smell it, let alone taste it. I read that as Crazy Old Lady Called Us Here for This? Every test strip came up right on the mark for having the right pH balance, proper iron balance, and as I said, not a speck of chlorine. 2722816263

So between smelling something rotten in the cabinet and finding the water smelly and bad tasting, I’m going to try and get out of here for the day – maybe a movie?  I wish there was a theater that is pet-friendly so I could take Dawg with me for the day.

Nonetheless, Happy Friday!!

4 thoughts on “Breaking News: It’s Raining!

  1. Place a glass full of Clorox near the ‘aroma’ and leave it for a couple of days. The smell should disappear. Could be an old wives tale but it used to work for this old wife.
    Yesterday’s weather was truly miserable. Very cold, very wet and very windy. It was strange to be outside when it felt like late November but with spring foliage. Spring is quite late here. Looks better today but still not even close to beach weather.
    We’ve always had municipal water but isn’t there a lab of some sort which will tell you what’s in your water? I bet that clever Greenwich HS kid could.

    1. You are a regular encyclopedia of solutions. I can’t think of a time when you haven’t given me just the best answers. Thanks. Right now I’ve placed the pot of boiled cinnamon and cloves inside the closed cupboard but in a few I’ll trade it out for Clorox. We’ve gotten this smell in other cabinets before – we even opned a wall to see what it was and never determined the cause. It’s a strange odor that is hard to describe. This is the first time the odor has found tsd way into this particular cabinet. Ugh.
      It’s raining so hard again now – the third huge deluge of the morning. I have a fire going in the main fireplace, Dawg curled up in front of it, we are all cold and in a bad mood.
      After being told by the experts that there’s nothing in the water and after doing our own well water tests that said the same, we’re guessing the smell is a figment of our imagination. The same week as we pulled up the well, the Culligan man came and set the backwash to more often. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the problem. It’s drinkable but we notice there’s a difference. I don’t think there’s anything in the water that will kill us – cough, cough.

  2. For years I rented a Poland Spring Cooler(now ReadyFresh) and bought unliftable 5 gal water tanks.
    Now I OWN a counter top Avanti cooler and buy the 3-gal tanks only when needed.
    Down sizing and budget crunching.

    1. I have so little extra space that I can’t have a standing water tank. I see the Poland Springs truck go up and down the road so many people must make the choice to not drink their own well water. I’ve only ever had well water, it’s never ever been an issue, so it’s very strange that we taste and smell something new now.

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