Safelite Repair. Not Exactly Like the Ad. 

I think I told you all that on our way home from Boston, where 95 meets up with Route 9, Wellesley-Needham, two giant rockhammers were gnawing away at a cliff. 

Bang. Bang. Two stones came flying into our windshield, making two nice dents. I’ve tried to take photos of them with my iPhone but it wants to focus beyond the chip into or outside the car. Take it from me, they are your average windshield chips. 

The Safelite is in Bedford Hills, along my normal chore route so I popped in around noon. I was met by a man who asked me what I needed. I showed him the chips. 

His second question: Will you be going through your insurance or pay for it yourself? 

Pay myself. Three reasons. 

1.  The windshield didn’t need to be replaced. Hence no reason to file an insurance claim. 

2. The price of repairing was under $200. Chump change. 

3. I called MassDOT and they told me that I could file a claim because the incident took place in an active construction zone and that contractor had his own insurance and claim department. Good news. It might take a year to get my $200 back but that was okay. 

ANYWAY, the Safelite guy looked at the chips and declared that he couldn’t completely remove the signs of the chip. I said okay, it’s in the passenger side and not affecting my driving visibility. 

THEN, the kicker. He said repairing one of the chips might cause the windshield to crack! 

Say what?????! Aren’t I here just to have the two chips repaired? How could the windshield crack? 

I determined he saw $$$$, knew I was self paying, thought he could talk me in to a windshield repair. 

I left. I didn’t even say thank you. Anyone else had experience in this arena? I need advice. 

9 thoughts on “Safelite Repair. Not Exactly Like the Ad. 

  1. Can I ask why you’re not filing insurance claim? My insurance covers window chips/crack repair and replacement with $0 deductible. Had mine replaced in Stamford a couple of years ago. I don’t think it affects your premium, does it?

    PS, thanks for the Philly tips yesterday, I’ve got them bookmarked!

  2. I’ve had several windshields replaced due to errant rocks cracking or chipping the glass. My insurance company covers the replacement with no deductible and no increase in premium upon renewal. I think that may be the law in MA. I don’t know what the deal is in NY. Once the auto glass company came right to my house and did the work. The thing to remember is to keep the windshield dry for 24 hours to so to allow the seal to set.

  3. $200.00 for repairing those chips seems high to me. Could be a case of his knowing you’d pay for it and the Q5 is registered in a high rent district.
    Consider calling your insurer for a recommendation for a windshield replacement. Or, go to an auto glass place in White Plains.

    1. The quote came from their website before I went in. I wanted a sense of what to expect since I really had no idea. I pluged in my zip code and it asked me how many chips needed to be repaired. With two, the price was just over $155, without tax, license, and undercoating. 🙂 My $200 was a ballpark.
      Mr. EOS suggested trying another Safelite store, to get a sense if what this giffrone said was true or, as you said, I was getting the old high rent tariff!

  4. In my experience, a chip (it was caused by a small but fast-moving pebble on I-30) can very well morph into a crack that interferes with both driver visibility (no matter where it started) and the structural integrity of the windshield. In our case, that’s what happened within a few days, before we even thought about a repair. So IMO, your Safelite guy may indeed have had bad intentions, but his caveat wasn’t necessarily wrong.

    File a claim with Massachusetts DOT? I’d rather set my hair on fire.

    I don’t know if you can duck the “extra” you’ll be charged for having a high-dollar car, no matter where you go or what you seek. Sigh. Next time, drive your Ford Fiesta 😀

    In our case, with our 2003 Honda Pilot, we simply got a new windshield at an “auto-glass-is-us” place, no insurance company involvement. I forget what it cost. We chalked it up to random life events.

    1. I’m going to try other glass places tomorrow or early next week. I might even ask the Audi dealer to look at it and if it needs to be replaced, then I think I’d have my insurance company do it at the Audi dealer.

      1. The Audi dealer will just call an auto glass outfit to do the work. Don’t agonize over it. Find another auto glass outfit, replace the windshield and have them bill your insurance company. They do the paperwork all the time. If it’s not covered, you’ll know pretty quickly.
        If you want to make a claim against the Commonwealth, add in that wheel misalignment from hitting a pothole. In other words, forget it.
        You’re dealing with an unfamiliar situation. Relax. At least they have replacement windshields for your vehicle. Mr S once had a side window vandalized in a brand new car, first model year, too. So new that replacement glass wasn’t even available.
        Bottom line- a new windshield isn’t all that expensive regardless of who pays for it.

        1. I have glass coverage on my car so it’s easy peasy I know but it just seems superfluous to replace the windshield when in my mind the chips are small enough to be rubbed down, or whatever Safelite and others do.

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