On the Endangered Species List

Nearing extinction: The Pay Phone. 

Seen at a court house in Connecticut. And no, I’m not under arrest. 

7 thoughts on “On the Endangered Species List

  1. Could be turned into $charging stations, I mean $charging for the charging.
    Oh, oh, then you could turn it into a $charging station for recreational marijuana
    Lots of possibilities

      1. Who is going to stop and charge a phone in the street? I wouldn’t. Would you?
        To me the pay phone us synonymous with college dorms, waiting for the call from the boyfriend and being in the pay phone booth to hear his sweet nothings. 😁

        1. My idea is that they combine that newfangled communications stuff with those olde english callboxes (the classic red ones), but, I suppose they would just be a new homeless shelter.

          Sweet nothings? This was usually the response for my second call:

  2. At least once a day, I catch the light hitting the reflective surfaces of my iPad and iPhone in a way that shows my smeary fingerprints — skin oil and schmutz galore — and it’s disgusting. The thing is, it’s only my fingers and it’s only one day’s worth! (The iThings get swabbed down when they’re hooked up to the chargers at night.) So I shudder to think of all the … whatever … built up on pay phone buttons and receivers, and, for that matter, on office phones. Both — mercifully — not reflective. But just because you cannot see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

    Yes, dear readers of this comment, I have just launched you on an “I’m too grossed out to feel hungry” short-term weight loss program. You’re welcome 😀

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