Looks Like Target’s New Transgender Policy is Working as Normal People Thought it Would. 

No surprise other than it took so long to catch the first perv in action. 

Dressing rooms by their nature are creepy and even in high end stores I’ve gotten a feeling there’s a camera somewhere so I tend to buy something and try it on at home.

I can understand why moms with young children are boycotting Target. Stupid PC law that needs to go away. Now. Alas, unlikely Target will reverse this awful plan especially since this week Obama sicced his Justice Department on the State of North Carolina to force NC to their knees on this same issue. 

ObamaPriorities 101. Ugh 

6 thoughts on “Looks Like Target’s New Transgender Policy is Working as Normal People Thought it Would. 

    1. Personally, I don’t think the DOJ has NO right to tell the state of NC what to do about transgender bathroom use and if they wanted to strip the entire state of federal funding, I guarantee you there’d be some serous backlash – to the DOJ!

  1. Have I missed a memo? I thought Target had the same sort of dressing rooms as Gap — i.e., each one a single booth with a door, a bench, a wall hook and (maybe) a mirror. All kept locked until a staffer escorts you and your merchandise inside. Usually all along one wall. A long line of singleton booths, utterly unisex.

    I suspect mucho perv viewing has occurred there before.

    BTW, which sailing club was it in Rye (American Yacht Club? Coveleigh?) where the perp spied on the women’s showers by drilling a hole through the cinder block wall?

    1. Contrary to my daughters opinions of my wardrobe, I am happy to report I have never been in a Target dressing room so I have no firsthand knowledge.
      A couple of years ago I caught a guy smelling women’s underpants. I reported him. NO Target employee wanted to do a thing – they were black, the perv was Hispanic. I was outraged. He was obviously a lurker and up to no good. Target’s viewpoint was that he wasn’t breaking the law so leave him alone.
      I don’t remember the yacht club incident of the women’s showers. But ewww, what a strange way to get your jollies.

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