Dispensing with Real Estate Under $400K Today

From the Slightly over $400k Yes Please department, coming in at $20 million. On Chappaquiddick, my old haunt, a home for sale that is a little larger than the one I owned. 🙂


Drool worthy kitchen


Simple lawn


Open concept, lots of french doors, coffered ceilings…


LOVE the master bedroom bed to take advantage of the view.


I’d never leave this patio


Private yet right near the ferry


More protected from storms being on the bay…yet killer views. I have to orient myself to know whether this house would get sunset views. As you know, I’m directionally-challenged. Somehow, even without the sunset view, I could be comfortable living here.


No mention in the listing of the property taxes. Got to be WELL over $100k. The price tag of $20m is ludicrous but with the Obama’s out of office soon, they may be in the market for a permanent MV retreat. In that case, for them, I’d double the price!

Speaking of Obama, how about that Trump victory last night?? I had a Twitter feud with a #NeverTrump leader whose words against Trump were so vile that I called him out as being totally hypocritical. He hates Trump MORE than the man he calls the hater. Irony. Such wasted time and bad energy to hate any candidate. Work FOR someone, anyone you like, but to lobby against, wrong, at least it is in my book.

The Republicans aren’t giving up on me quite yet, sending me non-negotiable checks to bribe me to give them cash. Um, no.

Another rainy and cold day. The peonies are just looking for a day or two of sunshine before exploding into color but according to this week’s forecast. the plants aren’t going to see any sunshine. Boo hoo.

24 thoughts on “Dispensing with Real Estate Under $400K Today

  1. Would you really move back to Chappy? Gorgeous home but agree the price is stupid high. Maybe $10m, not $20.

    Great victory for Trump. His speech last night got universally panned, the msm saying he wasn’t triumphant enough. I thought the speech had the right tone. Now he can set his sights on Hillary.

    1. I wouldn’t completely eliminate the possibility of having a home on Chappy again. We had such a great time visiting this past fall but I don’t know that I could stand the summer throngs. I might only use the house off-season. 🙂

      Both CNN and MSNBC thought Trump’s speech was too low-key. What is it that they want from Trump? They complain when his speeches are too exuberant, now they call him out for being too reasoned?

  2. I don’t know what to think of the elections…damned either way, I think… I know you don’t like him (anymore, or never did) but I still pine for Romney winning in 2012.

    That house is indeed beautiful. Our family has been playing The Prosperity Game (the universe writes you a $1000 check today, and every day that $ amount doubles. You must spend it, no saving, and write down what you buy, imagining yourself writing checks). Today we were on $32,000 -easy for me, but the boys struggle. Lots of giving to Feed My Starving Children! The point is to uncover your true purpose when you clear away the material stuff. It’s really interesting!

    I’ve been meaning to ask you–do you recommend the NY Botanical Garden? We lived Longwood so much, the boys just want to go back there. We were planning to do that this week, but little one struck a fever/cold and the weather is the pits anyhow.

    1. Romney became invisible to me when he was the igniter for the NeverTrump campaign. Before that, I thought he was a straight shooter, a good guy, a man of principle, a businessman who could understand and fix the economy. Looking at Romney now as compared to Trump, I feel Romney was not comfortable in his own skin, would have been led by the nose to do as the RINOs before him did, to fall in line. Trump has zero allegiance to the party (until now when he WILL need to take the RNC money which should be interesting). It’ll be a fight with Hillary, no doubt about it.

      As for NYBG, it might be a little unbloomed right now, especially with the cold. Martha Stewart was there last week and blogged about it. It’s best when the roses are out but then again, when that happens there are CROWDS. NYBG is gorgeous any time. Here’s Martha Stewart’s post:

      As for Delaware, have you taken the children though historic New Castle? It’s gorgeous and filled with history. It would behoove you to take a walking tour from an expert. I recommend Jim Travers, a born and raised New Castle resident.

      Have you toured Hagley and the Brandywine River Museum? Tried to find a mushroom grower in Kennett Square to give you a tour of the underground?

    2. Martha, did you make up the Prosperity Game or is it something I can buy? What a great idea.

      1. Hmmm, my comments are not showing up (wasn’t logged in) Trying again.

        I learned about it from a friend/teacher. It is from Esther Hicks / Abraham. I believe from their Law of Attraction book.

        Nothing to buy, just grab a notepad and go to town.

  3. Kasich out. Mainstream media is wearing black that they aren’t going to report on the brokered convention they wanted so badly. Looks like the Democrats are heading to a brokered convention. Sit back and wait.

    1. I’m just seeing that breaking news. Agree 100% with your assessment the tv readers wanted the GOP brokered convention. They love to feed off the GOP dysfunction but never want to talk about any Dem dysfunctions.

      1. There’s talk of Kasich being Trump’s veep.

        Buy that house then invite us all up. Gorgeous.

  4. The photo op of all photo ops. Obama drinking FILTERED water in Flint.

    Trump’s chances against Hillary rest on his VP choice. Not Kasich. Not Carson. Either female or military.

    1. The even better photo is seeing the two people who flanked him at the desk. EPA Secretary and HHS Secretary. Neither is drinking water. 😁😳

    1. Fussy? Sheesh. I thought it was anything BUT fussy. We usually agree.
      The house you linked to is okay but the location is marginal. I know it looks like a sweet location, but trust me, it’s not.

        1. Chappy WAS notoriously verye olde moneye, bajillionaires who lived off the grid in real deal summer camps. They loved being segregated from the Show Me The New Money Richie Rich Edgartown crowd. Then a handful of that old guard had the nerve to die and their greedy heirs sold to peeps who wanted to build McMansions to sell at $22mm. Chappy does keep some riffraff out, but when they let ME in, the neighborhood went downhill fast.
          Chappy is just getting wifi this year so few were willing to be across the harbor and not be able to Instagram their striped bass catch.
          LSS, I bet this house will sit a long time unsold. It doesn’t suit the typical Chappy resident.

  5. Both those Chappy houses are splendid but what do people really do with all that space? Had I that kind of $, which I will after tonight’s drawing, I still wouldn’t buy anything that large unless it was an exclusive, luxury inn – and I’d hire the management team to run it. My own homes would be smaller but every bit understated top of the line. I’d get a Morgan to put in one of the garages, too.
    I agree with Chris on those uncomfortable Adirondack chairs. They appear in too many ads and usually in a silly spot. The old, classic ones were full of splinters.

    1. Honestly, if I had $20mm to spare for houses, it wouldn’t be on one big one. I’m with you. I am attracted to the wide open spaces of a huge house but in every house we’ve ever owned, we live in three rooms. I suspect we aren’t alone and that’s why these two large sprawling homes are for sale.

      Would you buy The Woodstock Inn? Or one in, oh, let’s say Barbados or the Caymans, so you can manage your billions easier? 🙂

      Good luck tonight.

  6. I meant that if I were to buy a property with that many rooms it would have to be an inn. Spending a few nights at a place like Twin Farms or on a beautiful sailing yacht would satisfy me. Plunk your money down and let them take care of everything. We live in three rooms in the winter and four in the summer if you count the screened porch. Now that’s one feature I note many new homes lack.
    Billions? I don’t think PowerBall has reached that stage yet…

    1. I’d kill for a screened-in porch. I’ve never had one but covet them dearly. My Iowa family has one and they live in it, literally.
      In my world, winning $300+million is equivalent of billions. It’s more money than I’d know what to do with, Eh, who am I kidding? I’d find plenty of ways to do something with it.

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