We’re Thinking These Doors Would Make a Simple Understated Entrance to the Carriage House. Agree?

That’sa’lotta door! 🙂





These are without a doubt the prettiest doors I’ve seen in my lifetime and I’m a Door Noticer.

7 thoughts on “We’re Thinking These Doors Would Make a Simple Understated Entrance to the Carriage House. Agree?

    1. Does that mean we can claim possession? We can easily transport them by borrowing the Army truck here last week. I may start the legal proceedings now. Rhode Island reparations.

  1. Legal proceedings? Ya think that matters in a town where the Gardner caper is still unsolved? Just pull up to the front door (s).


    1. Hard to believe it’s still unsolved…really hard to believe. But I Googled up “major art thefts”and was saddened how many cases do remain unsolved. One in Madrid recently in a private home that set off no alarms or anything.

      1. Let’s just tell the building owner (Liberty Mutual?) that they are racist and culturally appropriative – we’ll take ’em off their hands for free (no need to pay us).

        1. Isn’t EVERYTHING racist and culturally appropriative today in Obama’s world? Maybe we could share the doors. We’ll use them on our carriage house for six months and you can have them for your California grass shack the other six. I don’t want to split the set. Deal?

        2. of course, that’s why it would be so easy: a couple of snapchats, instagrams or whatever and the SJWs would be demanding the removal of said doors, tout-de-suite.

          no, no, no, you must keep them as a pair since it was your idea. i’ve nothing nearly so grand as the carriage house – besides, can you imagine one or both of those doors toppling over in an earthquake?

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