That Time You’re Driving Home and think to yourself, wow, The Roads Are sure Clear. Then this! 

Actually New Haven wasn’t the first and only backup from hell – getting out of Boston was no easy feat with a couple of roadwork related jams, one of which was serious rockhammering a cliff -as we passed, a stone flew out of nowhere and left a nice big ding in my windshield. Can I prove it was from the rockhammering? No but it seems logical. The ding is deep enough to require repair or windshield replacement so I’m tempted to call Mass Highway Department on Monday to see if they will pay for the replacement. I’m not holding my breath.

The Merritt was one giant parking lot from the moment I crossed the Sikorsky bridge til I got off in Stamford. Multiple multi-car crashes that on the Merritt means the whole road shuts down because there’s no breakdown lane. Northbound peeps didn’t look any happier with accidents that direction too and several mile backups. It was a record long drive home but a great two days of fun in Boston. I took tons of photos and when I’m sufficiently coffeed, I’ll start posting. Noonish?? 😀

PS: I meant to add this photo from the get-go and forgot. ALL the new rest-stops long the CT portion of I-95 have this new row for parking, right up front, closer than the handicap parking. Pissed me off.


8 thoughts on “That Time You’re Driving Home and think to yourself, wow, The Roads Are sure Clear. Then this! 

  1. Friday night driving on I-95 and the Merritt is the worst. I’ve been stuck countless times swearing I’ll never do it again but do. I’d daydream of winning the lottery and buying a helicopter to get us up to our house on the Cape. We sold the house when my husband died and I really don’t miss the drive one bit.

    1. The Merritt can be awful at noon on a Tuesday if there’s tree trimming or overpass repair. And as you know, one incident backs traffic up for miles.
      We dream of a helicopter too!

  2. I always wonder where the exaggerated traffic on Friday comes from.
    Is it payday and no one who works calls in sick on Friday?
    Is it get-away weekenders?
    Oh, Oh is it TGIF for everyone, working out not?
    Where are all these commuters on Mon thru Thurs?
    Finally, since I note the traffic problem on Fri, why don’t the road project schedulers use a 4 day week???

    1. This time of year I get the sense that it’s 100% graduation driven traffic. Boarding schools, colleges – you name it, this is the time. That plus people with Cape houses are probably opening them up about now, getting ready for the regular slog – as for the Merritt, who knows – the northbound Friday insanity I think is people getting away. The southbound tends to be working people heading home but last night it was total chaos. Of course, the police have a hard time getting to the accident and entitled folk in their $200K Mercedes don’t want to budge an inch. I laughed out loud noticing one Mercedes who refused to move is the SAME huge black Mercedes I saw at HPN parking garage with the license plate TITAN 1. No surprise there!

      The CT DOT has a sick sense of humor about Merritt repairs and tree work. I think they get their jollies from causing major backups!

      1. HA! The powerless finally get control.
        The gas station pumper during the shortage (remember odd/even?)
        The general laborer digging a trench in the middle of the street.
        The TSA agent finding your forgotten water bottle
        Titan 1, intercontinental ballistic missel, fizzling in his/her seat

        1. And what are the odds of seeing Mr. Titan 1 on the Merritt?? Serendipitous that I got to laugh TWICE at him. I especially loved the moment when the police blared their siren at him to move his titan ass. He was indignant.

  3. What car qualifies for the low emission front row space? I’d park there in my Lexus and let someone challenge me. Just sayin…..

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